yea - can’t see how she can sell that to the brexiteers TBH


This tool has been rumbled


The tried to bury this behind the England match last night



This is mad Ted




Oh and


They couldn’t give a shite whether there’s a hard border in Ireland. A majority of brexit voters said they’d Happily lose Northern Ireland to leave the Eu.

Looks like the brexiteers making their move. Should be fun. What a ridiculous mess. Putin must be pissing himself. All this chaos for the fraction of the price of a tank battalion.


THey are literally going to make it up as they g


Either May goes or half the cabinet do, it’s her mess by appointing so many hardliners and opportunist. Let’s hope the uk govt falls.


The only problem with that is, labour are useless, Corbyn has a chance to drive home questions about the cheating (involving two of her ministers) in the referendum and what does he do? he asks 5 questions about busses. He mistakes her surprise (and delight) for having her on the ropes (for not knowing about the busses). The man is useless. he could have asked her all sort of difficult questions this week.


I don’t see him getting in, it will probably mean a Tory overall majority, but anything is better then having the DUP wagging the dog. Also Scotland will be interesting as tgey have been totally fucked over by May.


So they can’t go back on it later.



is that real??? jaysus!!!


I wonder has May seen that a lot of people are being turned off Brexit now it’s clear what the realistic options are. Calling the brexiters bluff?


One would hope May has finally found her backbone but I doubt it. She’ll cave into the Brexiteers like she always has done


Apparently, the cabinet members won’t be allowed to take mobile phones/devices into the meeting.


Maybe she’s going to do a Blofeld on Boris and some of the others :open_mouth: