That’s exactly what she needs! :joy:

They are going to sleepwalk into no deal.

I nearly think they have to at this stage, to kill this movement off once and for all. They’re like flat-earthers, just denying the most obvious evidence and replacing it with nonsense.


A half in half out is going to mean the brexiteers can cry foul and “if only we’d really left then the dream would come true” and they’ll militate towards that for the next decade.


No chance whatsoever of a Tory majority. If there was an election tomorrow and Labour made it clear that they would re-run the referendum if elected, they would walk it. At a minimum, the next govt would be Labour plus Lib Dems. If there is another referendum, 60%+ will vote to remain.


Not a hope. Corbyn is a spineless fucker. Given he hasn’t advocated this so far I doubt he’ll do it now. It would be undoubtedly be a vote winner for sure but Corbyn’s attitude during the original referendum leaves a lot to be desired.


That’s the problem - tories are paralysed by infighting and labour are making no headway because corbyn is useless. Seems to be growing support for a people’s vote on the final deal, if labour backed that they would clean up, but they wont.

That spotlight doc was aired on english bbc last night - it’s a joke, the whole leave campaign stinks to high heaven.


A blow what?



You get the sense businesses have run out of patience? May is incompetent. The brexiteers are hoping to sleepwalk to a no deal. They’re loaded so it won’t hurt them, or anyone they know.


Laughable headline. Brussels have been serious all along. The only ones who need to be getting serious now are the British


You have a fucking pair of twos and you are telling someone with all the aces to get serious … what a strange time to be alive …


In a post fact era you can never be proven wrong. The advantage of this is you can ■■■■ your people under the bus and still have ardent and media Support.


Laughable headline?
Don’t shoot the messenger! :wink:


Sure why the fùck not. It’s a huge shitshow as it is anyway


Oh ffs. Brilliant. So back to square one.


Not only do you only have a pair of twos … but everybody knows you only have a pair of twos … and you’re still trying to bluff …


Brexit secretary David Davis has resigned. Man the lifeboats!


It’s too late for that! General Election now inevitable


And so it begins


And she told the Eu to get serious :roll_eyes::joy::joy:

What an absolute shambles


Boris already polishing his turd. There are some really horrible bastards at the top of the Tory pile that are determined to fcuk up the good old UK for many many years to come.