Davis to launch a leadership challenge I wonder


Voters over there have no choice. Corbyn is pro brexit as well.


Anyone else think they should change the name of their country. I mean United Kingdom sounds pretty far fetched at this stage.


But “It’s Coming Home’…


Reality is what’s coming home


To roost!




I’ve been dealing with Local Goverment in UK for last two years. Anyone I spoke to where all against Brexit. Their funding comes from Central Government, naturally, but a lot came from EU for local infrastructure, planning etc, to help drive foreign investment.
UK Central Government brought in Devolution 4 yrs ago, basically giving LG back control of funding etc.
Then they got Brexit…Fooked.


You know when that creep gove is calling for unity things are bad.


Baker going too - so no real surprise. Brexit Ministers stand down - May assumes Brexit control following Checkers proposals … but can she make it stick?!


I doubt it? Leadership challenge can’t be far off?


Dunno - hard to call. Her ‘success’ in Checkers undermined DD and Junior … so resignations not surprising. Have BJ, Mogg & Co got the balls? Maybe - through sheer stupidity and arrogance


And another one


did she resign in the end? Conflicting reports on that this morning


I’m not so sure that a leadership challenge is forthcoming…
I doubt any of them want the poisoned chalice that they have created for themselves…

I reckon they’ll leave May out there as the lamb to the slaughter, while the rest of them polish their turds in the background…


Not sure to be honest.

You might be right @RunDMC it’s an impossible mess.



nicely put.


One quote I read yesterday summed it up for me - from a Tory but I am not sure which one…
“These Brexit proposals will cost the Tories power”. So, regardless of whether or not they are for the good of the country, what matters is that the Tories stay in power?
Politics defined.


hopefully this will tear the tories in two, or see the rebirth of ukip. If corbyn wasnt useless labour would clean up.