If May had any tactical nous (she doesn’t though) she’d resign as Tory leader and then stand in the leadership election a la Major in 1995. She’d more than likely win.


David Davis has resigned


Do keep up, old chap.


John Redwood is still kicking the same can down the street, also. Pr*ck.


Will be forever remembered for this


Dominic Rabb the new Brexit Secretary

Which prompted this beauty



Looks like Boris is next


Boris the Clown gone


What a shambles


May should have shown strength by sacking BoJo a long time ago. She really is a sitting duck now.


The proverbial rat. Brexit is mostly his fault. Cynical fucker wrote two statements before he made clear his support for one side over the other. One in support and one against. If he’d gone the other way it would likely have failed. But he wanted to shaft Cameron. Instead he shafted his country.


He was waiting for Cameron to nail his colours to a mast.


Robert Harris nails it


A remarkably reprehensible shower of selfish bastards.



If we haven’t prepared ourselves for a full hard border then we are just as stupid as them. This is such a mess that worst case scenario is the most likely scenario at this point


Although Labour are in no position to be laughing given Corbyns continuous refusal to shoot into the open goal that the Tories have presented over the last year.


Mad stuff ted.