A YouGov poll of Tory Party members seems to suggest that Rees-Mogg would win a leadership contest. How do the Tories elect a new leader? Is it by party members or parliamentary members?


Members don’t have a say in the leadership election afaik. Only MP’s


I thought the new home secretary was now ahead? Javid whatsisname. Mogg would be an unmitigated disaster. Besides as a Catholic, is he allowed be PM?


Corbyn is as big a brexiteer as Farage and BoJo. He just hides it better




Tony Blair converted to Catholicism, I think? While still PM? Regardless, I think you can be PM and a Catholic.


I thought he waited till he had left? At least that’s what i was told as part of the catlicks cant be pm tale in the pub the other day … could just be pub talk … sounds very bigoted and unlikely in hindsight.


Donald Tusk on twatface:

“Politicians come and go but the problems they have created for people remain. I can only regret that the idea of #Brexit has not left with Davis and Johnson. But…who knows?”





Tessie May should consider Gareth Southgate for the post. He’s taken England out of Europe before.


he would probably do a better job then this lot.


My 13 year old would do a better job than this lot



and two years later to still be bickering about it. pathetic.


Excellent if true, the British establishment do vengeance quite beautifully it must be said.


Sky News
Sky News
Leader of the SNP in the commons @IanBlackfordMP says @BorisJohnson “should not have been allowed to resign, he should of been sacked for being a national embarrassment”

That is amazing … should of???


She’d still likely win a leadership contest IMO


The way out is straight in front of their noses, but they won’t take it!

It’s watching a car crash in slow motion


Her line ahead of the Chequers meeting was she only needs to win by one vote.