See quote from civil servant above, “we are now entering the kinetic phase of the car crash”.


The kenetic phase of the car crash, brilliant.


Tories, a Brexit party led by a Remainer. Labour, a Remainer party led by a Brexiteer. Pity. Labour could walk this if they grew a pair.


Well that settles it. Just withdraw Article 50 ffs


Self doubt? He means that when faced with real choices, they don’t have any that won’t tank their economy. Rumours that mogg is orchestrating a leadership challenge. Just what the UK needs now, a guy with huge russian investments taking over.


He won’t get it. Not a hope


Jesus Wept


Maybe not but he’s pulling her down to try and get his hard/no deal brexit, so his hedge fund boyos can make a killing, while the working man gets shafted again.




Johnson is such a coward.


Opportunist & a coward.


He won’t lead but won’t let anyone else lead either.


Yep. At least the likes of Heseltine put there money where there mouth was


How do you mean withdraw Article 50?

On Boris Johnson’s resignation letter. What a self-serving deluded fucker, really lays bare how little he understood the likely response from the EU. And all this guff about women and girls - WTF? Is he seriously using this moment, where he slinks off from the mess he created, to try fashion a new narrative for himslef, something he can use in a later election?? Odious and stupid individual, it’s staggering that he ended up as the UK foreign secretary (another example of a Tory PM putting their own self-interest over that of their country).


In theory they can just go fùck it we’ve changed our mind. (Macron and Merkel have both hinted in the past that the door isn’t completely shut on the UK remaining)


On Corbyn. People seem to be overlooking the fact that a huge number of people have an issue with the EU and its wholesale shift to the neoliberal model. He is one of them. We ourselves were up in arms not long ago when we had to bail out the banks. That a bunch of racist/ opportunists hijacked this sentiment doesn’t mean it goes away.

Also, they voted to leave the EU. It’s as asimple as that. It was largely down to lies and misinformation and UKIP etc were pushing on an open door but it was a democratic vote. That it’s going pear-shaped as most expected shouldn’t mean the vote is invalid. Again, we complained when we were told to vote again on an EU treaty.


Corbyn is like SF. You have to laugh at them. Opposed every European treaty and now trying to tell the Brits what to do now that they are leaving. Corbyn is much the same. Never a supporter and now totally hamstrung by his position. He could potentially become one of the most left wing prime ministers they have ever had but it would mean becoming a hypocrite.

The word clusterfuck doesn’t come close to describing it.


Jeremy C*nt being linked to Foreign Secretary

He’s not Gove so I suppose that’s one advantage


So, you’re criticising him for not being a hypocrite? Or maybe he should have changed his opinion years ago in case the unlikely event of a withdrawal actually occurred?

Again, that a Leave vote actually happened on false pretences and is being seriously mismanaged doesn’t do away with the serious faults of the EU/ neoliberalis model.

Also. A lot of people opposed EU integration for a number of reasons. Look around, a lot of them were right. The counterargument of leaving will do too much damaged is not the best argument in fairness, certainly not one the portrays the EU in the best light.


Hunt confirmed as the new Foreign Secretary