Nothing. Unless there’s an arrest warrant from another country or there is an issue with their passport you cannot be refused entry from an EU member state with an EU passport


But there are election rules for a reason. spending rules and regulations for a reason. Political advertising on TV is highly regulated for a reason. The reason being If you repeat a lie often enough to enough people, some people start to believe it. That is exactly how social media has been used.

They have tailored the lies and the brexit promises to different people based on their social profiles. So they will tell someone who is a tabloid reader that Brexit will keep out immigrants/Muslims. They will tell someone who is more Liberal that the Brexit will save the NHS (when the opposite is true) or that the EU keeps down African farmers through unfair trade policies. repeat and repeat to the point where you are 10% over their budget and it is very effective - they said themselves the digital campaign ( spent 70% of their budget on digital) was how they won. Throw in Putin’s troll army and fake news teams also spreading lies then the effect is impossible to measure but it has helped the two most illogical decisions in modern electoral history.


For once, I hope Boris Johnson is right (The Brexit dream is dying).


Ah come on @Tayto. You’re better than that. Not all people who are concerned about immigration from the Muslim world are tabloid readers. You’re falling into the trap there of associating people with genuine concerns about their own safety as dumb racists


Thr Belgians require registration. I am not saying they refuse entry - just that their legislation is tighter. I am saying that is possible to curtail an influx of migrants through domestic legislation as outlined above. It didn’t need the sledgehammer of Brexit … which probably won’t work either.


Ive been to Belgium plenty of times and never had to register anything. I just showed up with my passport each time and was waved through. Spent more time at Passport Control in Dublin airport than I did in Brussels


I’m just saying in a very general/crude sense how they would use the micro targeted message - obviously not a correct assumption in a lot of cases. More accurately would be certain tabloids whose content is borderline racist.

But then they’d probably have gone after the middle ground more, the racists lads were well on side from the off.


Eg: Not all trump supporters are racists but all racists are trump supporters.


Non EU afaik.


What is?


Compulsory registration in Belgium.


So how do they differentiate between Paddy the tourist and Paddy the job-seeker when they’re entering Belgium?


no difference as far as I’m aware. Once you’re an EU citizen you are free to travel and work throughout the EU


… is what I thought.
So, as things stand, the UK, like Belgium and all other EU countries, cannot stop anyone with a valid EU passport entering their country unless there is an exceptional circumstance (eg, an arrest warrant - as mentioned earlier)?


But they’ve can stop them staying unless they get work, I think, certainly they are not allowed claim social welfare instantly… not sure how that works exactly?


That’s the case in every country though is it not? Hence the separate queues at Passport Control for EU and non EU citizens?


Yes but the point is that you can introduce domestic legislation/measures to limit migrants. Blair (I know, I know) was banging this drum a while back on his anti-Brexit crusade. I’ll see if I can dig up what I read.


Which is ironic considering he was the one who opened the floodgates for non-EU migrants :grin:


Yeah I think most people are aware of this but there has been huge overreaches by people like Merkle who start making it compulsory for countries to accept quotas of refugees. That was a massive own goal and played right into the hands of Farage and co


Definitely. although seeing as the UK started the damn war in the middle east, they should have been forced to take in the Syrian refugees - destabilised the whole region with their illegal war - which they were sovereign enough to start when members of the EU.

The notion of asking member states to take in genuine refugees who are fleeing one of the most vicious wars in modern history, where between ISIS and The Assad regime life was very cheap, is quite a noble one. It’s funny how doing the right thing can and has been twisted into criticism as if these desperate people should be left to fend for themselves or that Italy and greece should be left to sort it all out, speaks volumes for the people making hay out of it.