Catchment Areas for Dublin Clubs


They have a huge amount from swords and surrounding areas. A huge amount from oldtown too. They built a state of the art school in rolestown. Which too their advantage they have tapped into.


They not using Chapelizod now also ?


The South City on the centre/east side is definitely an area that the GAA can tap into more. Areas like Ranelagh, Clonskeagh, right over to Sandymount and Iristown. Yes D4 Central and primary Rugby aras but plenty of room for GAA there with hardly any soccer in some parts

Clann na Gael over in Ringsend actually have a massive catchment area but i’m not sure they exploit it very well, despite great facilities


And what about the North Inner City? Areas like Summerhill (right next to Croker, FFS), East Wall (are O’Toole’s still nurturing there?), North Wall, Sheriff Street, all along the Nth Circular to Phibsboro, along King St, Queen St, Smithfield?


Scoil or joeys ocb would be nearest clubs that would be interested in taking players from north inner city I would imagine


They don’t have a gpo so they are not going in to the school in chapolizod anymore and very few of their players are from there.


Surely not having a GPO is a missed opportunity to get the club out in the local community. A good enthusiastic GPO should be able to pull in juveniles at least for camps and then up to the club to keep them from there


St Brendans might be using the old Scoil Mhuire grounds in Chapelizod


Club decided last year they didn’t want one but think new committee are trying to change that.


Yeah they are the original clan colaiste mhuire grounds. Had many a great day there. Brigids had it for a while after they Clanns broke up and went to Plunketts but Brendans seem to be doing a decent job with it of late.


Do judes, faughs and templeogue have defined catchment areas or is it a bit of a free for all?
Are the schools in the area divided for the gpos or would there be more than one coach going into the same schools?
Back in my day faughs had pretty much no underage section but are fairly strong nowadays, which is a credit to them…
I presume there’s a good few lads hurling for faughs and playing football for tss?
Either way, the GAA seems to be fairly healthy down that neck of the woods


Faughs have pius schools and the terenure schools .

Very few in Faughs from the direct area, that’s Judes almost exclusively

Judes are in galvins and soil mologa …

And yes in reality tss and faughs have the same kids playing but not really through to senior yet


Thanks. Most of the rest of the southside would be clear enough in terms of catchment areas I’d say except Anne’s and Davis maybe. I’d say the northside has a lot more clubs in close proximity though


I heard Scoil Ui Chonaill are back in O’Connells with a nursery. St Joseph’s OCB struggling to get the juveniles up and running.


Scoil Ui Chonaill - O’Connell Boys… was one a breakaway from the other, does anyone know?


is that a merger waiting to happen so or will they always stay seperate


Apologies that’s a reference to Sc Ui Chonaill being back in O’Connells School which is where they are originally from. I assume St Joseph’s OCB are from St Joseph’s in Fairview. There was a big move in the 30s/40s to set up Dublin clubs for Dublin people. Synge St Past Pupils Hurling and Football Club was one example of this. Their hurling never took off and Kevin’s Hurling and Football Club was more hurling, so they made an agreement with Kevin’s to split the hurling and football. Not sure if there was a similar situation with Scoil and St Joseph’s.


The County Board want clubs to merge. I was surprised when I heard the Head of Development saying it. Not sure if that’s due to lack of facilities or to create high performing players?


St. Josephs OCB is already a merger of 2 clubs going back to some time in the 1990’s, would have played against both of them growing up.


I thought Joes/ OCB were Inner Inner city