Champions' League 2017


Assenio is a far superior footballer to what Liverpool have. He’ll get more goals as the years go by. Still very young. You’re not grasping the massive difference in the two teams styles. Liverpool play a style that will result in a spread of goals but Real have better footballers all over the park. Not sure how this is even an argument to be honest. What exactly have all these world class Liverpool players scored? These Real players have become the first to win the champions league back to back since it became the champions league and they’ve appeared in 4 of the last 5 finals. It’s a non discussion tbh


Jaysus @BohemianDub … has someone hacked your account?


First of all I am talking this year, I am not talking past or future, secondly you can have all the styles you want, but you would expect a striker playing for a top European club to score more than 9 goals in all competitions. As reagards What exactly have all these world class Liverpool players scored? Well all three have scored far more than their Madrid counterparts in all competitions. Salah 42, Fermino 26 Mane 19


You’ve just admitted you haven’t seen a lot of pool and are judging it on stats. That’s me out of this conversation as by your standards Salah is better than Messi.


Madrid obviously have the experience and know-how of winning finals and are rightly favourites. They are prone to letting teams come at them, if that Liverpool team get a few chances they could do damage.


Are people really comparing Liverpool to Real Madrid :joy:. This is a once off game . Anything can happen . The better team on paper has lost to the fancied team lots of times.


I think the argument is whether Liverpool will really compete and have a chance to win if Real Madrid play well. I can’t see it.


You asked" What exactly have all these world class Liverpool players scored?" and I answered. As regards Salah and Messi, if you are talking this season, which I am, well there would not be much between them, but Messi has been doing it for years now, if Salah can manage the same, well then maybe you could compare.
You go on about Asensio, what exactly have you seen Asensio do this year to suggest his form is better than that of Firmino and Mane, cos if it is scoring we are talking about there is no comparison.
You talk about what Madrid have done in the past etc, well i think we all agree that Madrid have a clear edge experience wise.
I accept I have not seen that much of Liverpool, but given that both teams play in top leagues and both have played in the champions league, I think the stats are fairly reliable in this case as conditions are pretty much equal and at least I am trying to back up my argument with something that is not just my opinion.


I have visions of Real winning 2 or 3 nil.Gutsy performance from Liverpool but ultimately not enough . But then i think about the real defense & the Liverpool top 3 . Keylor navas is a decent keeper , but not a brilliant one . I think that real defence can be got at . And there isn’t a better performing front three in Europe than salah , mane & firminho . Midfield matchups heavily favour real . Will the Liverpool younger defenders freeze on the big occasion.
Lots of things to ponder …


I see this as a bit of a romp for Pool. Maybe a 4-2 scoreline or something like that!


Bold prediction there !
Maybe someone could throw up a poll for the craic .


No you didn’t.


Reading back, very few here gave Liverpool a chance against City either.

As a famous old Resser Joby used to say
“Ya couldn’t tip shite out of a bucket!”


Have to hand it to Klopp , what’s this , his 3rd CL final.


As I said I’m out of this conversation. If someone wants to put forward an argument that a player having one freak season is a better player than two players with nearly 10 balon d’ors between them. Ask any Liverpool Real or Barca fan would they swap Salah for Messi or Ronaldo right now. Every pool fan will snap your hands off. Barca and Real fans will probably shoot you. Ridiculous argument especially considering you’ve admitted not watching much of Liverpool and are just using stats. Using stats Cilli an O’Con nor is better than Diarmuid Connolly.


You’re like a kid running away from home and hiding at the side of the house at this stage…


:joy::joy::joy: true


What exactly have all these world class Liverpool players scored? Well all three have scored far more than their Madrid counterparts in all competitions. Salah 42, Fermino 26 Mane 19.
Is that not an answer?


Bohemian Dub, I really don’t know where you read that anyone said any liverpool forward is better than Messi or Ronaldo, what I said was that on current form the liverpool forwards would seem to have the edge, I am talking at all times about current form this season, not what players have done over their careers,
I reckon if the balon d’or was to be given out tomorrow Salah would probably get it, that does not mean that I think he is a better player than Ron or Messi, just that his form this year has been excellent and better than Ronaldo’s, not so sure about Messi, but given Barça’s early champions league exit, Salah would probably get the edge.
If you want to compare them as players well we will have to wait and see if Salah can become as consistent as the other two, but that is another argument.


And yet you think asencio is a better player based on what he will score in the future?