Champions' League 2017


Arsensio is a game changer . Top , top player .


Salah is the on form forward in Europe atm . Forget about the past or future or what he might do . We are talking about right now . And in that case I’d have him above Messi or Ronaldo.


Probably because he is used as a sub more than any of the others. But even at that with only 6 goals in the league and 4 assists he cannot have changed that many games


Stats again , he is a quality player & when you compare what Liverpool have on the bench to real I’d be concerned for Liverpool in that regards .Arsensio would be a starter on any other team . It seems zz prefers isco to him .


Have to disagree with you there, Mr Johnny-Come-Lately… I’ve had that role since Blue_Devil and Falcon were frequently on here.


They may be stats, but its a poor return for a forward on a team that should be scoring rakes of goals, I mean bale with far less game time has scored 12. I am not saying he is no good, just dont see why Bohemian dubs rates him so far ahead of lads that are scoring twice as much.


Apologies. I meant won. You had me all bamboozled with your talk of goals scored :joy::joy:


Ah I was wondering, either way as I said I am basing it on current form, there is no doubt that madrid are way ahead of Liverpool in recent years, but in fairness to Liverpool they have been impressive in the champions league this year, unbeaten , scoring a lot and all 3 forwards getting on the score sheet frequently
.Madrid on the other hand, may have had a slightly tougher run, but they have huffed and puffed a bit, not managing to win their group and getting a fair share of breaks the other night against Bayern, after conceding 3 at home to Juve, but it would not be the first time Madrid have huffed and puffed their way to a champions league win.


He’s a special talent , I’d have him in before Bale any day .


Bales problem is the injuries, other than that he would have been massive for Madrid, he would probably have scored a good bit more if Madrid didn’t insist on letting CR/ take all the frees too., Asensio will probably get a hatrick against Barça tonight now:)


For me, it’s a case of form (advantage Liverpool) versus class (advantage Madrid) with luck also having its say.
Madrid, as a genuinely classically successful European club team, however, should not rest on their laurels, even if they are 3-0 up at half-time.


Arsensio comes on & provides Bale with the assist :joy:


Bale shouldnt have been on the pitch terrible tackle in the first half.


Didn’t see it , good game ?
Heard it was dirty .


Not a great game very pedestrian. But there were a few flash points at the end of the first half, sergi roberto got what seemed a harsh straight red and bale made a bad tackle on umtiti but didnt even get a card. Ron went off at half time after a slight knock.


Nobody wound up blue devil and lived to tell the tale, the maddest, funniest hoor you could ever meet.


Far better?


They would Hardy allow that to happen.

RMadrid are certainly due a defeat in a final.


For a match with nothing other than bragging rights I enjoyed it. 4 great goals .


Defensively yes - most certainly