Champions' League 2017


I wouldn’t disagree with you too much that Robertson is better defending but Marcelo has his merits . He is a skillful attacking player. I think Robertson who I agree with you is a very good player has a bit of way to go before being described as far better than Marcelo.


A defenders first job is to defend. Marcello can’t. Brilliant overlapping … but often a liability because of it.


It got better after the heated moments, but the pace in the first half was really slow. Ref made a balls of it for both teams IMO. Bale should have walked, The images don’t clear up the Sergi Roberto incident, but it didn`t look much. There was a a clear peno on Marcelo by Jordi Alba too.
Bale seems to have a bit of a mad streak in him, in general he is a very clean player, but the odd time he just seems to lose the plot.


Suarez goal was great. Brilliant build up:


Last team to beat real in a European final was alex Ferguson’s Aberdeen side in the cup winners cup final in 1983


John Hewitt and Eric black scored I think. Amazing really what Aberdeen did in Scotland and in Europe. Never really a fan of Ferguson but his achievements with Aberdeen were fantastic. Won t see that repeated too soon.



Having great fun watching the reactions of the culchies I work with when talking about the CL final by saying … "it’s better for the game if Liverpool win, it’s not healthy for a competition for the same time to win it 3 times in a row or 4 times in 5 years… " …


Tradition always counts in finals. You’d swear Liverpool were minnows. Madrid are on top of the pile by far when it comes to European cup wins but Liverpool are one of the traditional big European clubs.

Both Defences dodgy so everyone excepting a goal fest. 5-4 to Liverpool will do me :wink:


Like Blackpool and Preston North End and Portsmouth in the English League …


And on that note, for a bit of fun…


Only Real and AC Milan have more European Cups than Liverpool.

Forest are only one behind United…


All Ireland football roll of honour sees Wexford on 5 (incl 4 in a row), Tipp on 4, Louth on 3 … same as giants Mayo …

Kilkenny won the first Leinster football title in 1888



Your really scrapping the barrel now.


It’s what I do best!


Finally something we can all agree on :wink:


Let’s have a go here. Apart from the all-time top 3 clubs, and Chelski, there’s Spurs and Villa for starters.


Portsmouth for sure Everton, Wolves, newcastle, Sunderland, Bolton, Blackburn, West Ham, Preston? Blackpool?


Don’t think 'Pool (ha!) did. Man C.


Presumed they surely won another other than the famous one but a pure guess so could well be just the one! Wanderers and Corinthians too! Leeds defo only one in 1972!