Champions' League 2017


All will be revealed, as they say in the delousing room. I’m pretty sure at least one of the Sheffields have won a few, possibly Uddersfield(it’s moot but I’m too cowed down to say for sure), and maybe Burnley and Wigan.


Wigan defo one hit wonders in 2013 - plenty of Challenge Cups though! Both Sheffields a good shout to have done the full monty I reckon. Burnley … hmm one or Moor? Dunno. West Brom baggied more than Jeff Astle’s too I reckon.


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When we’ve done speculating. This is the spirit of the music quizes my good man.
I think Walsall used to be very strong too, Charlton used to be Big, and though not of Leyt, previously Orient. Brum City were successful in the distant past I believe, but why would ya bother aye, what’s the blooooody pooiiint our Dub?
I wouldn’t rule out The Rams, butt that’s a sheepish idea. Sunderland were great back in the day, weirdside though it may seem to many now.




Ha… that is funny.


Liverpool the better team so far though Ronaldo has had the best chance, to date. Liverpool, despite their vastly inferior Champions’ League Final experience, have settled much better.


Very sad for Salah. Hope he can recover for the World Cup though I doubt it.


Ramos is some filthy ■■■■.


Ramos is pure filth. He knew exactly what he was doing.


Big ask for liverpool now without salah . They bring on Lallana , Real could bring on Bale…
Huge gulf in talent there .


Sneaky ■■■■■■■, but he gets the job done.

Salah going off rattled Liverpool, understandably.


Playing out exactly how I thought it would. Madrid weather the early 100 mile an hour pool stuff and then take over. Men against boys. Only one winner here for me


Not a fan of this crying business.


Only one winner because Ramos did Salah. Game was played in the opposite end of the park until he went off.


I’m no fan of Ramos but do you really think he was trying to do Salah in, grabbing his arm? I’ve seen Ramos trying to do lots of players over the years - grabbing an arm (as EVERY defender does) was never his modus operandi when looking to stitch an a opponent.






Karius. …


Some amount of paranoia on here.
You could argue that Robertson stamped his studs down Carvajal’s Achilles.
Both incidents were innocuous for me.