Champions' League 2017


Awful goalkeeping :joy:


Game on !


In the same way Liverpool fans have butchered “The Fields of Athenry”, maybe now they should adopt “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, coming forth to Karius home”.


Will Gareth make the difference.


What a goal !


What a fucking goal


Zidane is a genius :joy:


Some goal in fairness. And a sub.


Liverpool players are knackered.
Great tackle by Robertson on Ronaldo. Should have been a goal kick.
Ronaldo has done zilch. But he only needs a moment.


Liverpool look devoid of ideas
Probably hear after this how they missed Coutinho


My god :joy::joy:


Carry us? He couldn’t carry anything.


Karius is an awful keeper


Yes, yes he will :nerd_face:


Time to bring Jerzy Dudek on.


Christ bad enough to have one howler but two - in a CL final. If he was offered to Bohs on a free they’d say no. Poor ■■■■■■■!


A team with journeymen like Henderson and Milner wasn’t, in hindsight, good enough to win the Champions’ League. Good PL players but not good enough for that step up required.


Awful keeper but that’s been known a while, Klopp has to take the blame for that. He done well getting that team to the final. Salah stays on, who knows how it plays out.

Madrid are a team of winners though, top class.


Hala Madrid :es::es::es:


I’m really surprised with all them world class players Liverpool have, how they couldn’t string two passes together tonight. Usual 20 minute attempted blitz weathered and then Real done as they pleased. Liverpool had no business being in that final.