Champions' League 2017


Plays out the exact same. They couldn’t get on the ball. Outclassed all over the pitch. Better team by far won


If they had to have played Barca instead of Roma in the semis they’d have lost IMO


Course they would have lost to Barca.


Great achievement by Zidane - wins three champions league in a row and remaining understated

Salah going off was a big blow to Liverpool


Big blow to Liverpool but made little difference to the outcome. How many times did Mane or Firminio get after the 20th min? Ball wasn’t going forward cause they couldn’t get a hold of it.


Legendary player, now legendary manager.


To say Salah going off made no difference is simply nonsense.




Some achievement by Madrid when you consider the amount of money being pumped into various teams.


Made no difference to the outcome.


I have no allegiance to either team playing tonight. I found it a very disappointing game, considering how good the Champions League has been this year.


I don’t see how you come to that conclusion based on what you were seeing tonight.

I think it was nil all at the time? With Liverpool on the front foot. Madrid noticeably stepped up when he went off while Liverpool seemed deflated.


Madrid were always going to do that. Watch any of Madrids game. They always do that first 20/30 mins of every game. Hammann called it right. Lucky to get there and found out in the end. He also agrees with me on salah. Are you saying Liverpool win if salah says on


No, Madrid might and probably would have still won. But you’re talking in absolutes with no reference to how the game, at least as I saw it, was going at that point.

Anyhow, I’ll leave you to it.

That keeper was always a liability, Klopp should have sorted it out.


You don’t know that , you really don’t


So you agree it made little difference to the outcome?


It’s my opinion and the opinion of Liverpool legend and expert Hamman. Hardly out there thinking in fairness


Agree completely. Writing on the wall for years there




So you think Liverpool would have won had he stayed on. Disagree completely. Outclassed all over the pitch in every position