Champions' League 2017


No. I’m done. Good luck.


you seem obsessed with making that point . The best player in world football this year goes off after 25 mins. In an open game like tonight’s there’s every chance he might have made a difference and possibly scored in a game like tonights.

Whether it would have made a difference to the outcome, well who knows…


You have me all confused. You’re disagreeing with both questions even though you pulled me up on my opinion that Salah going off made little difference to the outcome. You either think it would have or not.


:joy::joy::joy: no mate. No. I’m not reading anymore after that one. Better than Messi this year? Zero chance.


Unforgivable from klopp having that lad in goal.,


I think salah has been the best player in the last six months ( ie this year )

And I’m not a Liverpool supporter


Disagree completely mate. But sure that’s football. All about opinions :+1:


You’re taking in absolutes. I’m not. You also seem incapable of interpreting written information! It’s a Saturday night, I can’t be arsed doing whatever it is you want to do. I’m done. Good luck.


Bizzare. Can only assume you’re a Liverpool fan. Condolences on the loss but I’m just commenting on what I seen. You’re the one that engaged with me. No offence intended on my part and not sure what you mean about what I’m intending to do. Just my opinion on how i saw it. Men against boys


To say Liverpool had no business being in that final is wrong.
Good God, I have plenty of reasons to HATE Liverpool (due to their ‘Irish’ supporters) but I don’t actually hate them.
The truth is, they are a legendary European heavyweight club. A lot of that is due to the cauldron that Anfield is on European nights. That cauldron atmosphere helped Liverpool to the final, and deservedly so.


Klopp interviewed on BT. Clearly upset yet dignified.
Seems genuinely worried for Salah’s World Cup hopes, also.


Really was a night when everything went wrong .
Karius might wanna skip the plane ride home .
Have to feel for Salah .
Im happy for Bale , and to top it off Ronaldo was anonymous & although he looked happy when Bale scored that screamer , I’d say he was pissed the attention wouldn’t be on him tonight .


Before Salah went off Real sat deep because of the threat he posed. Once he went off they played higher up the pitch and dominated.

Fantastic achievement by Real to be fair to them.

Klopp had to share some responsibility in not having a keeper.


Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened
That’s always been my motto
I don’t think Liverpool had any luck tonight but Klopp knew GK was the weakness and he didn’t act on it so he was the architect of his own downfall.
This time next year Rodney…


Feel sorry for the keeper, that’s the cruellest way to get humiliated. And credit has to be given to Benzema for the first one, it’s like MDMA Vs Kerry in 2011, everyone blamed the Kerry player in both cases of interception, with no credit given to the brilliant interceptions (which they were).

In this case very few strikers would stick their boot out there with such perfect timing, and if you look at the replay in slow-mo he wasn’t even that close to the keeper, and must have studied his pattern of throwing the ball out. The second howler no doubt was somewhat brought about by the impact of the first.

Bales first goal must go down as one of the greatest ever, especially given the occasion. To even attempt that in that position, with a defender in the way and the distance, the power he got into it, extraordinary goal, trumps Ronaldo’s one in a previous round hands down.

The offside given for Benzema’s ‘first goal’ was incorrect, slow-mo clearly shows he was on, unless being level is off, in which case Liverpool’s goal was also off. I’m no fan of Madrid but I felt they had their opponents well-shackled for all the pressure. The only effort I would call a clear chance as such was the snap shot that went through the defender’s legs with power and was brilliantly held by Madrid’s keeper. But well-covered all the way really. Liverpool were never keeping that up for the whole game, superstar or no superstar.


The best champions league final goal ever, bar none. Bale is astonishing really


Bale should pack his bags and leave, he had already scored more than all at he starting team together outside of Ronaldo and that is without having played in most games, he comes on and scores the goal of the season and I bet the press here tomorrow will be all about Ronaldo talking shite about leaving.,



Jaysus I thought that was Waterford Whispers! I really hope he said that with a smile/wink?


Where else would he go ? Man U would be a step down. Psg , maybe for the money .