Champions' League 2017


Great goal but it looked awkward as ■■■■ . Maybe because it was on his left peg .Amazing that he scored it though . I thought Zidanes aesthetically was equally as good in '02.


What a fecking disaster…was like watching Mayo in a final :see_no_evil:


Yeah I thought Karius did a decent impersonation of rob hennelly for sure.


No condolences required, no more than a passing interest at this stage.

I’m pretty sure you weighed in on something I said about Salah. Either way, each to their own opinion.


We might have to change your username to Mush, as in The Bronx Tale.




That’s what everyone was saying in da bar last night…he must be related to Hennelly. In fairness you got to feel for the guy


Condolences to my Liverpool friends here. Real pity (no pun intended) for the sake of the game as a spectacle that Salah got injured - that added to the two other hammer blows. Sometimes you need a bit of luck to win Finals. Liverpool got absolutely none.


I see there’s a petition knocking about for Ramos to get banned …


Jayus , nobody died !
Commiserations all round.


I heard Karius has been getting death threats, also.


Christ that is embarrassing


Christ almighty…


Working all weekend so only saw highlights briefly, but while I felt Pool were unlucky, the buck stops with Klopp. He knew he had a goalkeeper problem. Maybe instead of spending mad money in a very average to poor player in Ox, a keeper should have been top priority!

The stuff written about Karius on some of the social media is just awful, yeah he cocked up, but I sincerely doubt he meant it!!! One thing struck me, he was over facing the Pool fans alone at the end, and neither Klopp nor any of the players went to him, apart from the Madrid lads. Poor form.


237,000ish signed so far , looking for 300,000


Under Wenger perhaps…
He was very impressive at Liverpool until he got injured.


I didn’t think so, I watched a lot of pool after he left because I liked him as a character! He’s injury prone, he shows flashes of brilliance, but generally his end product is poor and predictable. But again, just my opinion. I’d like to see him do well, as I said, a likeable character!


I don’t know how good or bad the guy is, but what happened last night was a freak, it had nothing to do with his ability as a goalkeeper. I mean he has to be better than that or he would never have got a game for his local under 12 team never mind become a pro.


Well said.


Hang on now. He s playing in a big European league for a club where there is big expectations. Every level you go up you either perform or you leave. What happened last night has everything to do with his ability I.e he is not up to the level expected. He was responsible for 2 goals directly and for Bale s overhead while he couldn’t be expected to save it his attempt was pretty poor. This is the level he is being judged at and Liverpool should sell him ASAP. Never going to be a top class keeper .