Champions' League 2017


I think Liverpool should keep him. Give him an infinite number of chances to prove himself.


Not saying he is of liverpool standard,just saying that no keeper would get to play anywhere near that level if those kind of mistakes were frequent in his games, if liverpool should get rid of him I would judge him on his weekly performances rather than what happened on Saturday



He s been shakey ever since Liverpool bought him. Bad decision making , poor under a high ball or crosses. Lot of poor keepers about and not too many managers good at buying the good ones.


He got away with a similar mistake as the second goal in the first leg against Roma. Totally misjudged the flight of the ball, only it came back off the the crossbar.


He singles out Karius and then says YNWA.
The irony.


I understand he is dodgy, but what happened on Saturday was beyond dodgy, I mean you would have to fool a lot of people along the way to make it to premier league standard if those sort of mistakes were the norm.
My assessment is he is a poor enough keeper, but on top of that had two howlers on Saturday night.


And who would buy him? The poor guy is going to need huge support to get his confidence back plus a good goalkeeping coach. Best of luck to him.


He should be crucified for his penance.


That’s quite a germane comment.


If this Karius on there’ll be trouble


Glad you flagged it up.



OMG Sergio.



I’d say there’s as much chance he actually said that as Mick Wallace getting a GQ award for Best Dressed Man.


Eh ? Who said he said it


The mistakes were out of the ordinary no doubt but most Liverpool fans I know were fearful a fault of the keeper or centre half would decide the match. Considering the result of a goalkeeping error is generally a goal i don’t really see the point in grading errors in that position.

Keepers accept that responsibility on the field. 90 minutes of good play by 10 players can be outdone by a moment of madness by one. Id imagine he will get over it but not at Liverpool.


I keep coming back to replays of the first goal, if you freeze two frames, one just before Karius throws the ball, the following one as he throws it, look at Benzema’s action, from jogging forward slowly to a completely full stretch in a fraction of a second. He really ought to get the credit. I’ve almost never seen a forward do that before.


Nobody is taking away from Benzima being on the ball, but a keeper should be aware of who is in reach of the ball whn he throws it out. Benzima should never have been given the opportunity to do what he did and that is where Karius is responsable.