Champions' League 2017


Indeed. There was a mere 22 goals, 11 wins and just 25 points between them …


I agree, think Bale is out the gap and that has me thinking…ZZ’s move may have somewhat of a butterfly effect on transfers as well as the manager merry-go-round.

For example, Bale’s likely destination’s in Eng…are probably 2 (Chelsea and Man Utd). ZZ lands at Chelsea and that’s gone.

Also the secondary effects, rumours today that Spurs are close to Pulisic (USA wonderkid from Dortmund)…would that be put on hold with Poch uncertainty


and you might have missed where I mentioned the difference in squad depth and that £400M …

But we still pulled yer pants down in the CL.


(Real only pulled ours down once).


Much better to lose the semi than the Final … saves dragging fans to the other side of the world.

City have a planning application for an extension to the trophy room at the Etihad - bursting at the seams at the moment so winning the CL was just not practical. No such probs at Anfield :smirk:


Some of your best work DUB09


Our trophy room is pretty bare alright… we’ve just got the:
18 League titles
5 European cups
7 FA Cups
3 UEFA Super Cups,
8 League Cups, and
15 FA Community Shields.

Those European cups are especially big I hope the architects have factored that in when installing the empty cabinet for the future!


I hope ye have many many dusters


And a lot of Liverpool fans seem to think that this entitles them to more trophies.


They’re the worst type of Liverpool fans … and usually from Mayo!


I have cousins in Liverpool. What part of the city are you in?


I think Abramovich may look to sell. With a very good academy and given their London location, they would be an attractive prospect for another Arab billionaire to buy out.
Or, more preferably, they will be bought by Mike Ashley.



You’re still sore about the pants being pulled down, I can sense it. :wink:


Now wouldn’t that be nice!!


Zidane was dead right, leave on your own terms before they get a chance to sack you. More graceful than his last major exit it has to be said…


I heard he headbutted Perez in the chest and walked out.


Wouldn’t surprise me and sure Pérez would deserve it.


Great website if you’re into the financial side of the game and an interesting article on Chelsea’s losses. Didn’t realise Carneiro got €5M, she owes Mourinho a few pints


Some lovely ■■■■ ups here :joy:


Some incredibly stupid stuff in almost every case, either releasing the ball when a forward is right beside them, touching distance, or not watching the player behind them (and not getting or heading a call from defenders).


It’s amazing how many poor keepers there are. Watching some of the World Cup documentaries this week some of the goalkeeping is embarrassing.