Championship 2020

Right im bored so I did up a proposal for the 2020 structure on a one off basis

Football will be based on the old Dublin Champ with the back door starting 5th July with an open draw no Prov champ London & New York not in it so 31 teams with one bye in the draw- No replays apart from the final

5th July - 1st Round
12th July - Round 1a - ( Losers from Round 1)
19th July - 2nd Round ( Winners section)
26th July - Round 2a ( winners round 1a v Losers of Round 2)
2nd August - 3rd Round ( winners section )
9th August - Round 3a ( Round 2a Winners v Losers of 3rd Round)
16th August - 4th Round
23rd August - Round 4a ( Round 3a Winners v Losers of 4th Round )
30th August - Q-F Round 4 Winners v Round 4a Winners
6th September - Semi Final
20th September - Final

Based on the same for the moment two groups of 5 but Prem Q-F Scrapped
5th July - Round 1 Group games
12th July - Round 2 Group Games
19th July - Round 3 Group Games
26th July - Round 4 Group Games
2nd August - Round 5 Group Games
16th August - Q-F 2nd v 3rd from each group
30th August - Semi Final
13th September - Final

The clubs can get going the moment that there county is out as not many lads going to the states this summer

It’ll never happen but I’d love to see the championship run off as a proper knockout competition, with no backdoor.


It might!

I won’t hold my breath :grin::grin:

Thanks but no thanks. I’d like a club championship not played in muck and shite. Let them go straight knock out for the year. Won’t do them any harm. Everyone is taking a financial hit. GAA can do the same for a year.

club season surely be more likely to go? inter county can be policed and they’d still get the sponsorship deals even behind closed doors if it’s televised i’d expect

however how do you police social distancing at a club game except play it with no spectators …

I think they should just award the championship to us, because we’re dead sound.


And because we were going to walk it anyways…

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I d award the championship to the young dude on the stretch of beach at Sutton this morning practicing his football skills ( soloing) barefooted and wearing nothing else but his jocks( Calvin Klein’s I think). That is the type of courage that wins championships.

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Rock, paper, scissors - best of 5. Score 0 you’re out. Score 1 in the back door. Qualifiers play each other into last 8. Winning last 8 get home venue. Super 8s best of 15 - strictly no games in Croker. Anyone breaching 2m physical distance loses a leg.

Think the Dubs will need extra funding. There s a big danger kids won t play Rock Paper Scissors and will choose rugby or soccer instead.

Social distancing won’t be an issue because there will be no champo as long as social distancing is required.

agreed - 15th june looks pointless really then so