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Caps lock kid has been banned with a roaring up Mayo from the mod. He has forgotten to delete the post saying “I hear that Dublin joe and cluxton work together”

Space cadet, first class, revillino had declared that he refuses to recognise Dublin as all Ireland winners and that in years to come many Dublin people will too. We will not enjoy our hollow victory.

Well, l find his line of argument persuasive. I’m refusing to recognise it either.


It’s all kicking off there alright. Be interesting to head into bowe s next year before one of mayo s big games. Probably be like the walking dead. I think we should compile a top ten headbangers list from the mayo blog. I agree with you that revelino is at 1. Pebblesmeller!!! or leantimes( it’s his head I believe he s referring too) for second place. I would actually be concerned for some of their mental health when you read some of the deluded bollocks they write.


revillino and leantimes…who always posts…with lots of dots…but the dots dont join up…

our aul friend jim flag seems to have been folded up again for the year.

pat had his weekly posting of the phantom headbutt from last year.

TBF there is a good cohort on there calling out the space cadets which is probably why Willie Joe leaves them to it.

I often wonder what this fine establishment would be like if the hurlers had made the breakthrough in 2012 only to lose a few all irelands or semifinals to tipperary by a point. Hand on heart I’d say I’d be leaving revillio in the ha’penny place with the tin foil hat stuff by now in that situation.


Willie Joe gone into full meltdown mode this morning with his latest article. Conspiracy theories around a concerted effort from the Dublin Management team to target Mayo in the media being the best.

This defeat is really hurting him, wonder will he get his picture taken with Sam when it arrived in Vincents :smile:


Jesus he is pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Accuses us of everything he is himself. A myopic of Green and Red vision. No what an arsehole.


Majority of Mayo supporters are genuine but they have a crowd that have always been sore losers. He brings up 2013 and last week dark arts. But yet no mention of 2012 where Mayo used every trick in book stopping game. No mention of James Horan media campaign on McQuillian or McStay on Cluxton time taking frees yet Cillian O’Connor takes all the time he wants. That mayoblogg only seeking attention and only waiting for his friends to join on the bandwagon. It not healthy for him and better off taking a break from the keyboard for a while.


First time I’ve went on that blog and I was not disappointed. If he believes everything he says in that article, I genuinely think the poor lad needs to talk to somebody. It’s not healthy being that paranoid…


He has an unhealthy dislike for Jim Gavin. I hope we beat them again next year. ■■■■ it. No mercy.


is this about cora staunton? WJ may well have a point there.


There’s plenty of people on here who think there’s a media campaign by kerry ex players against Dublin so wouldn’t go laughing at them for that


yeah but we are just posters. difference between a messageboard and a blog is that the blogmaster (a term rarely used anymore) issues an editorial line. If he gets 100 comments which are mostly in agreement its a bigger thing than just some randoms mouthing off in a forum.

we really ought to bring back that element of the old Res Dubs, have a proper website instead of just a forum. Yes, I would stump up € towards it.


It is a general rant around all media articles that are negative of Mayo and how it is an orchestrated campaign from the top.

The Staunton one is strange alright and am amazed that Bohan would say something like that a few days out from the final. However, didnt stop Horan saying the same thing before 2013


from the top?

off the top of my head i can only think of sean moran and judas being dublin GAA people in the national media. Des Cahill bends over backwards to be partial to non dubs, Eoin McDevitt on Second Capatina is even handed, Frank Roche? The Herilld is a dublin paper which is sent out nationwide.

Willie Joe forgets that the media in a clickbait age are intent on winding him (and ourselves) up. TBF the tin foil element of mayoblog have turned on James Horan and David Brady since the semi final branding them as useless in defending/promoting Mayo. They have demanded - you’ve guessed it - some buck to go on there and sort it out for them.

Are there any deer in mayo? i can understand the lady posters but all this buck stuff is a bit beyond normal fandom.


he was made look legit by OTB and RTE. you let the cavemen out of the pen and this is what happens


is sean moran from Dublin?


i read something a few years ago that he was. no matter, he can hardly be described as pro dublin biased.

John Fogarty and Colm Keyes have become mayo darlings since last September anyway.


The Irish Times golfing correspondent, Philip Reid, is from Dublin and very much from a GAA background. It’s a pity he doesn’t write on GAA issues for them.


i just find it amazing that we have literally being listing off the ex mayo players and managers in the GAA media who have been on every outlet every day during finals season, and yet we have had a few utterances from Paul Curran, Charlie Redmond saying things which were not controversial in themselves and they have a total meltdown on it.


David Brady is an arsehole. That is all.


And so say all of us!