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A lot of them Mayo lads have been driven demented altogether by the hype and disappointment cycle of the last few years. Be a blessing in disguise for them if they wound up far from Croke Park come September for the next few years, they’ve lost the run of themselves completely.

Some of the Kerrymen are nearly the same. Fitzmaurice will wind up in some sort of Bainisteoir protection program if we win again this year


What ever about his opinion in that piece it certainly has changed since 2014. The man is a jokeshop, He fuels the madness over there on that site. He should take a leaf out of this discussion forum and moderate his blog correctly.


It’s poor form to refer to a player as a thug. It’s a word that has a very definite meaning in my book and I’ve seen very, very few incidents that would merit that description.

It’s not on.


That’s thrown around very loosely over on the blog so nothing knew there. It’s the “young shower of scum” line that’s really gone ott for me. Its akin to the comments about the death of a Dublin players family member on the same site. What’s surprising is some of the comments are from women. They’ve totally lost the run of themselves over this. I’ve watched the incident and it is in no way clear cut that there was intent. The only person who knows that is Shanahan himself and he should be afforded the benefit of the doubt.


As long as they firmly believe the source of the issue is Money/Refs/Other Dirty Teams/The Curse/GAA bias, etc - then they won’t address the actual issues that are preventing them from landing Sam - namely, the refusal to drop underperforming members of the panel, an overrated management, no new scoring forwards, freetaker in the Doldrums, lack of an extended panel with game experience, and a constant, crushing weight of expectation from supporters.


The points @hupdeyard makes above are spot on. The perceived (but not actual) ‘victimisation’ of wrong calls during matches and ‘decisions going against them’ of the last few years, the hurt, the near misses and the sheer desperation seem to have stripped many on that forum of whatever little sense they had. When you get a group of like minded people feeding from the same trough then reality and rationality go out the window fairly quickly.

The actual reality is that Mayo have been their own worst enemies in this recent ‘hard luck’ period. Bad management calls, bad calls by players, indiscipline at times - all of these. You can point to incidents in every game where the wrong option was taken or not executed properly because of pressure or maybe lack of skill, the wrong substitution made or wrong team selected. Dublin too have had many such instances but the difference is we have always got over the line. But really this also boils down to the inescapable fact that Mayo have not been quite good enough.


And for all that they are consistently only a point behind Dublin. Doesn’t say much for us!


The score is a poor indicator and probably magnefies the delusion and the victim mentality that seems to override any clear honest assessment of their achievements and potential. Whether you win or lose is a better indicator and whether you can do that consistently. You take an over view of mayos results and their a good team that’s over achieving not a great team ( my opinion so you can book right off with the victim sympathy bull thanks).


The people on Mayo Blog are unlikely to have anything to do with the running of the Mayo senior team.


The amount of Scotch I’ve poured into me while contemplating this very point is, well, alot.
I do feel that one day soon, we will actually play at full capacity against them in a Semi/Final. It will be most likely, a bloodbath.

There is little doubt in my mind we are capable of really putting Mayo to the sword, while there is literally no chance they could reciprocate. I’m a little obsessed with them, cos literally, they have been one of only two teams worth beating for the last couple of years.


If rumours are true, the Mayo Senior management team have little to do with the running of the Mayo senior team… :wink:

PS, I love replying to you and seeing two Blackadder Avatars talking to each other.


Christ - I always thought that was you in the avatar. I’m disappointed now.


As a NaFianna man, I’d imagine you’d be well used to that feeling by now.


You have clearly been living in a cave somewhere @Jaden

I would gladly outline our achievements in 2017 except I have an important meeting at 3.30pm tomorrow …


Fixed that for you. You’re welcome.


12 matches and 6 years since they have beaten us shows we have our foot on their throat , and enables us to always come out on top of them whether by 12 points or just 1


No, he shouldn’t. Not with the horrendous disciplinary record that Kerry have, especially in the league, where all this “laying down a marker” and “standing up for yourself” shtye is not under the same scrutiny that champo games in the summer are.

Before last years league final, there was a stat released that broke down the black cards given, per county, since its inception. Kerry were way, way ahead of us, on that front, even though we played more games than them. Only conclusion you can draw from that, is that Fitzmaurice is deliberately encouraging his players to act the hard man. Why else would their disciplinary record be so poor?

Or is it bad coaching of the tackle, or young Kerry players over zealous in laying a claim to the jersey? Maybe, to a degree. But either way, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to give any of them a free pass to do what they did to Regan, or be in a hurry to exonerate the culprit.

Kerry were embarrassed by Mayo last summer & this was their way to restore some pride. Fat lot of good it’ll do them in the summer, if half their squad are seeing the line before half time. We’ll see, I suppose…


I seem to remember them trying to lay down a marker in Tralee last March. Not much football involved in it.


And did they win the game?

Did they stop us from equalling & then beating their own unbeaten streak.

Did they win Sam?

No, they didn’t.

Fat loss of use all their Tralee aggro did them then.

Bless their little hearts.


They won the league though , against us .
Not that it mattered later .