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I’ve already said earlier I was pissed off when it happened to Fenton however I never once called Murphy a thug, I never once described the Donegal team as a shower of young scum, I wasn’t calling for Murphy to spend a few months in mountjoy either.

I agree that there is a duty of care to the players and that duty of care extends to calling out the disgusting stuff being said about Shanahan.

There has been plenty of occasions where we’ve had 2 players sent to the stands in a game, are we saying we went out, with intent, to break bones on them occasions?

If you can see intent in what Shanahan done fair enough, but I can’t. In real motion it happened very fast and it was a lovely sidestep by Regan. It looks to me as Shanahan was coming in, he was attempting a shoulder and when Regan sidestepped, Shanahan tried to change his angle too and got it wrong.

That’s how I see it anyway


BD, I never called Shanahan a thug, or scum, or referenced prison, or anything like that. So I am not sure what relevance that has to my post.

Three Kerry players saw the line on the night. There were also reports of a lot of other off the ball stuff, that the cameras didn’t pick up on. So do I think the Kerry players & management went out to play in an overly aggressive style to send a message & let the chip (cards) fall where they may? Yes, I do. Make of that what you will.


Not you, the posters over on the blog which is what I’ve being arguing against the entire time.


I’ve watched the match back and I have to disagree. It was a physical game but isn’t every game between the best teams physical? I didn’t see anything that made me stop and think that was out of order or he’s gone ott. The red cards were second yellows, its not like they were straight reds for violent conduct or striking. To be honest I thought Shanahan’s second yellow was very harsh and he who shall not be named made a bit of a meal of it


Well, take that up with them then.

If you dare. :wink:

It’s perfectly ok to think that this incarnation of Kerry players are a tough, cynical bunch, that rarely get called out for it.

It’s ok to think they are led by a moderately competent manager, who has to resort to the dark arts, to compensate for his own shortcomings.

It’s ok to think this is an inferior Kerry team to those that went before & they have to rely on the rough stuff more than other Kerry teams.

It’s ok to think all that, without thinking they should be hung, drawn & quartered for their transgressions on Sunday.

(Hanging is too fcuking good for that shower of gurriers…mumbles under breath, so BD can’t hear me……)


I think you’ve got me all wrong here PD. Of course all that is perfectly fine but what I meant in my original post to which you replied was that the amount of vicious name calling being thrown at the Kerry players and Shanahan in particular is never justified and even if you are to go down that route you better be full sure that you have hard evidence to back up your comments, to which I think they don’t have.

I don’t think anyone can say with absolute certainty that there was intent in Shanahan’s challenge. I never said Kerry don’t mix the rough, cynical style like every other side.

Every side practices cynicism. Nobody is whiter than white in that respect.


I agree but Cillian and Aidan clashing heads didn’t help either. A loss is not down to one error or incident but rather a culmination of them. That and the fact the ref rode us that day too. I don’t usually blames refs but that day I will.


I was in Tralee last year for the league game and the level and intensity of off the ball in your face rough provocation was terrible. That said mayo bear some responsibility in this incident. I have highlighted a number of times that the opposition in mayos last 5 games all had players shown the line. Unproven I know, but I believe their is something in how mayo are setting up to cause this stat.


Think it’s becoming abit more obvious with Kerry now . It wasn’t been picked up as much in the past but thanks to Mayo making a huge thing out if this , it will going forward .


Quote of the day from the bould Willie Joe “Keith Higgins tickled comers rocks”


Yes you can be classed as bottlers and not good enough because to be bottlers would mean you have a good enough skill set to win on any given day (maybe not consistent for every day) but are not mentally tough enough to see it through. Therefore yes not good enough by being bottlers.


By who? Us? The Mayo blog nut jobs? The Kerry Media Mafia & an adoring, compliant media will make sure it gets swept under the carpet, when it really matters. With 3 Kerry men on The Sunday Game, there’s not a hope in hell, that they will ever highlight it.


Well we know what the mayo media machine is like . We have first hand experience of that . They won’t let this lie . This has stirred up the hornets nest after '14. But it will only get brought up again if there’s more incidents , so it’s a kinda wait & see .
And is there 3 Kerry men on the panel at the same time ? The media love repeat offenders .
Brolly certainly won’t let it lie if it becomes a big enough thing to bring up . But if enough people tweet Wooly or their ilk about it they’ll discuss it .

One thing that’s obvious is that Kerry were upset how that semi finished up last year . They tried the same shit with us when their winning record was on the line .


Nonsense. He was so good he was given a year off.


Being able to perform under pressure is as much a skill as being able to put the ball over the bar.

But bottlers is a perjorative term and too severe to apply to amateur players.

Plus I don’t think Mayo have particularly blown a really top class opportunity against Dublin. The Kerry game in 2014 maybe but even then it was pretty much in the mix.

Put it this way, the term is more fitting to us in 2006 against them. Now that was an epic meltdown.


Indeed. And we were accused of it for another 5 years despite the fact that we simply weren’t good enough to win for the vast majority of that time.


I’m no lover of this Mayo team but they were ridden / rode / whatever you’re having yourself by the whistler from Meath in 2014 semi.

However if they had got into the final that year wouldnt have bet a whole lot on them winning the final vs Jimmy’s Donegal! As they saying goes I don’t think that Mayo team has the minerals!1


No I fully agree about them being rode - like I said that referee did not make the cut the following year. As @mayoman said earlier too the clash of heads was also a significant factor. As for the final if they made it - Donegal got their tactics right (something Mayo can’t seem to do on the big day) in 2012 and left Mayo floundering and unable to recover but Mayo have dished out a few hidings to Donegal too either side of the 2014 semi … who knows what might have happened.


Mayo blew it the first day out when not replacing a clearly injured Cafferkey and Donaghy made hay as a result to take the game to Limerick.


which was applauded to high heaven on the mayo gaa blog, complete with “thats how we shoud handle dublin” type of comments.

there was very little tut tutting from the GAA media in general after that match, very similar to the post match reaction from this match, whereas if it was ourselves or indeed Mayo doing that to kerry there would be a meltdown. Ah well…