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We do bully them around the place. But we do it with our football ability.


They’re just athletes down in Kerry not pure footballers like ourselves :smile:


Players getting injured intentionally or otherwise is wrong, we would all like if it never happened.
That said, the outrage from mayo regarding this incident is lacking one big factor and that’s honesty. If they really don’t want incidents like this to happen surely they should look at causation as well as effect.
If mayo are leaders anywhere it’s in making their off the ball skill make up for what their on the ball skill lacks. Look to their own management and ask questions, what instructions are been given to players, what tone is being set by management to supporters and is the emphasis to remember this is sport a family amature sport. I am open to being accused of bias, but I honestly believe dublin management while possibly not perfect set a good standard in this regard.


My two cents worth is that I would hate to think that a player would intentionally set up to injure a player. Instead what I see more often is a mix of the player in possession getting a good side step and the defending player been guilty of poor positioning and footwork to be in a place to stop the player legally and ends up throwing a lazy arm effort which unfortunately ends up been a high tackle.


I agree , it was an accident but mayo are claiming it was a closed fist which prompted them to say he meant it . Elbows or punches are not accidents . For example c o c elbows & Keith Higgins nailing Comer in the balls . Or Donkey sparking Aiden O’Shea .

They’re a great bunch for their conspiracy theories ala the Philly head butt or the gouging. Yet they say nothing about their own .


Oh , just listening to Woolys podcast . Apparently he was inundated all week from mayo fans about it .


Most fans view things through their own color shades with a considerable amount only seeing the wrong doing on the opposition side.

Gaa fans are not different in this respect to other sports fans.

On another note our former minor star Cian Hanley (brother of Pearce) is returning from Australia. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him drafted into the Mayo panel but would caution excepting anything big from the lad this year.


What’s your opinion about Regan’s broken jaw ?


Why is he leaving Australia and a potentially lucrative career in Oz ?


Because hardly any of them make it. And only the top 10% or so make serious money.


I’ve already stated the tackle deserved a red. I’m a “players” man though so I’ll give the Kerry lads the benefit of the doubt and say it was more rash and lazy than intentional. The overreaction comments by some Mayo fans is embarrassing


Didn’t work out for him and he was plagued with injury.He also lost his younger brother to cancer over a year ago which couldn’t have helped.


Very tough road that, you can easily see the draw to home. Let’s hope the road ahead is much brighter for him and his family.


Jaysus that is terrible. Maybe coming back will work out as well for him as for our CK.


Jesus that’s horrible.


RIP. Hard to be away when things like that strike.


True…Even though it’s part of who were are, there is more to life than football.


Jesus that’s tough. Good luck to the kid hope it works out fir him. When you hear stories like that football is only the least of all our worries.


Horrible. Didn’t know that. My post above might be true but seems harsh in light of this. Apologies for that.


The head-clash was symptomatic of the chaotic nature of Mayos performance, lots of passion but lacking control. Soon as I saw that clash, and the lack of awareness of both players when it was clearly coming from a mile off, I thought yis aren’t going to win this. Against a Kerry team that still had a number of very talented, very experienced players.
Truth be told that semifinal was lost, and massive damage mentally done, when yis allowed Donkey and JOD to smash and grab in the drawn game. Where was the smart and win at all costs defending that was learned the hard way from 2011-2013? Not learned, even allowing for tiredness from playing with 14 men heroically for so long.

As regards the debate about how Mayo do relatively speaking so well in championship games Vs Dublin, to me it’s clear they are very good and extremely physical around most of the field when they play at top intensity, they have little or no fear when playing against us, and they have worked out an excellent way of playing us that nullifies enough of our strengths to make the games huge contests. But their forwards haven’t been quite good enough overall, in the closest games especially (2016, and 17). Their team was overall not good enough 2013, well behind in 2015, unlucky in the first game in 2016. In 2014 they were good enough in a footballing sense to beat Kerry but mentally and tactically not so