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Is that video knocking about conclusive ?
Also , very sad news for the young fella . Been there , done that with cancer .


Well like anything in replays or slow motion it’s impossible to say if intent was there.

Regarding cancer yeah know all about it myself with my dad going through it. Frightening how many families are going through it.


Yeah , lost both parents to it . But when someone young gets it it’s even crueler .

Do you reckon it was a closed fist . Where you at the game ?


Sorry to hear that.

I didnt make the game (first home league game I’ve missed in years). Hard to tell r.e closed fist:


It’s odd , not sure what Shanahan was trying to do there , rip the ball out of his hand ??
But hits him in the face instead . Obviously more is been made of this because of the broken jaw but I really don’t think he set out to strike him .


Doubtful he meant to injure him like he did but he took him out of it, similar to Murphy on Fenton a few years ago.


Shanahans contact to Regans head was clearly accidental, and was open-hand. Its actually hard to understand how that contact produced that injury. It’s so brief even pause and replay don’t show hardly anything, the only thing to be said is Regan lowered his head and lifted his arm which sent Shanahans hand(not easy to say!) up to his face.

But because of the injury and the fact that Kerry have so publicly made it clear that “we’re not going to be pushed around anymore” the last two years(clever referee propaganda as well of course), I can understand some of the reaction.
But in truth a lot of it is Mayo trying to distract from the fact they lost to 13 kids. They really ought to be disgusted with themselves. And whatever about what’s not said in public, I actually think they could’ve done with some outward expression of self recrimination about some of their performances in the last two years.

Kerry of course had also set out to prove a point after the way they got beaten in the All-ire SF, and their kids clearly have no fear. All the more reason why Mayo should’ve kept the boot on the throat at any opportunity, whatever it might taje(in terms of league prep/training, player selection etc). They’ve had so many damaging league defeats the last few years how could they hope to close out a huge game in late summer. They have not really prepared for it.
Maybe they really don’t give a fiddlers about those games though, their focus being so intensely on the main prize. But that too I feel is also not helping get over the line, ultimately.
I do honestly see evidence that since 2012/13 they have let ‘fear of defeat’ go to an extent that has helped them compete so well in the major games. But fear of victory is clearly still an issue to an extent.


It’s not a broken jaw from what I heard, it’s a small facial bone.


I think you’re very close to the mark there but you neglect to include the element of chance. It was the timing of Regans moves, including his arm raising, as S. put his arm up that resulted in S’s hand ending up in contact with Regans face. It happened in a fraction of a second like a lot of things.


And our physicality. It’s always been the case that both factors are required.


Facial bone fracture
Just saw this image , bit clearer


Donegal were not only not at the races in 2013, they weren’t even heading to the bookies, they were that off the pace. That game in 2013 against Mayo is not submissable. Subsequently Mayo had a very good win against them in 2015, Aidos barnstorming goal against what was often in that era a guerrilla army full-back line should’ve heralded a breakthrough for Mayo but in the semi-final, even after ■■■ innocently took ROC out of it, Dublin handled AOS well, and over the two games were clearly the better team and coach.

It would be fair to say Mayo weren’t ready against Dgal in 2012, but the fact is that one team had the forwards and the defensive tactics to do it, the other didn’t. Donegal won an All Ire ultimately because apart from all the stuff every team needs to get into a position to have a real chance, they had Murphy, McBrearty, and McFadden was on fire.

But the narrative became “if only Mayo didn’t concede the early goals every time in the final”, which was ignoring the more obvious reasons for the goals, and was clearly debunked by the 2013 final. But then the goalposts (:smirk:) got changed to “if only Mayo didn’t concede a soft goal at a vital stage”, conveniently ignoring that they had scored a very good goal at a vital stage, and then didn’t respond well to it.

On that subject, it’s interesting to note that in most of the big games since 2012 Mayo for all their consistently slight deficit in forward ability against the other best team(s) in the year, they have managed to get a goal, and often at a stage that should have propelled them to push on, or to hold on (Andy Moran’s in the 2013 final, and in the 2014 semi final replay; COC in the 2015 replay, not to mention after the - joke of a - penalty late in the drawn game; Chucker Keegan in the 2016 final replay, and the 2017 final).


Doesn’t look intentional from that footage and I didn’t think so when watching it last Sunday (recording) but I would be more worried about the obvious concussion than the broken bone for Evan Regan.


That’s the key point…some of the stuff that goes on off the ball imo is a cowardly act mainly on the blind side


On another note re-Mayo and major games lost, I watched the 2014 semi-final replay there again and as regards the second half there were several refereeing decisions that made the difference for Kerry to be level at the end of normal time. The first penalty was a clear dive under minimal contact by JOD.

The second penalty came from a perfect interception by the Mayo back, which ended up with JOD flying through the air with the greatest of ease but only because his swinging foot about to shoot came into contact with the back’s foot/ankle, which was already in contact with the ball. Hard one for the ref etc to see but clearly the wrong decision and if he had any doubts at that stage he should have played on, especially after the controversy of the first decision. (Mayo were not helped by not having protested).

There were also two frees given leading to almost certain points, one of which was never a foul on Dorothy, the other where advantage was played and the shot had gone wide. If Robbie Hennelly’s fantastic effort from the last kick of the game had another yard on it, justice would have been served.

So to correct my previous assertions, regardless of whatever defensive and tactical errors Mayo had that day, they deserved to have won and were robbed by the ref.


We could all do well to remember those words from time to time.


Having watched the Galway v Mayo game live and then the highlights last night on League Sunday:

  • I look forward to James Horan calling out Aidan O’Shea for his antics (diving again) just as he did for Jonny Cooper recently.
  • Cill1an O’Connor is the biggest coward playing the game at the moment. To add to his previous sly digs on opponents, he once again forearm smashed an opponent from behind and rightly so got red carded. It was a despicable and disgusting thing to do.
  • Lost a lot of respect for Tomas O’Se with his analysis last night. His only comment for what Cill1an O’Connor did was that it was ‘Silly’ … Flicking someone’s ear is a silly thing to do, smashing them from behind with a forearm is far more serious and O’Connor should be called out on it.


Right we need cheering up after hearing Bernos bad news. I have pasted Willie Joes responses to all the enemies of the state of Peoples Champions nation of MayoGAA blog.

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Sweet fcuking divine…


A knob. Like I said these kind of blogs give gobshites an inflated self opinion which has no basis in fact. You’d run a mile from them in a pub …