Clickety Click - Room 66


Very True. I think willie needs training of DCR or Tayto on how to moderate and behave like a mature adult.


I can’t stop laughing at the brave soul who selected Bottler Jobs as his user name. :joy: :joy::joy:


Is the Mayoman - under double moderation time - the same Mayoman who posts here?

It would be a sad indictment of that blog/board if Mayoman’s views are held in a far higher esteem on here than they are on there.


No. I think he is Yewtree over there.


JJF made a funny :smile:


Very fond of the word scum over there. Barry off Hill 16 Army was described as “Scum of the earth” for highlighting the hypocrisy of their faux outrage over Shanahan


i still belive most of the posters there are mammies all enraged by their subtitute children being roughed up by the other boys. literally hysterical stuff. mayoman does make the observation that coming so close but yet so far has driven some people literally demented and i cant disagree with him.


The number of posters dismissing Voldemort’s red card as deserved (how jolly spiffing of them to admit that) but borne out of 'nowt more than “frustration” is hilarious. Like, nothing to see here, move along now…

If one of our own picks up a red in similar circumstances, I doubt if they will be as blithe in their descriptions of it, or as benignly magnanimous about their intent. :thinking:


I’m actually yew_tree of Mayo Gaa blog and hogan stand fame :grimacing:


You need to get a job chief!


Few dubs on the official Mayo GAA Facebook page (not the banter page) calling Mayo scumbags etc etc…don’t really get the need to use that word especially on our official county page. Plenty of Galway fans used the same word too…Great to see Galway have football fans again though


I have a job…don’t tell my boss that though :wink:


:grinning: I spend most of my time looking over me shoulder! flecking this res dubs will get me into trouble yet.


I vote to have He-who-cannot-be-named listed as Lord Voldermort from here on in.


Can we shorten it to just VD .


Bloody hell.

On the football 365 forum you cannot mention Martin o Neil by name or you will be banned. So he is called Voldemort or the manager or he who shall not be named.

That was because he took a few lawsuits against the site (actually over stuff said outside the forum by employees/writers).

There is no need for similar here. I think the ■■■ blackout, like Meath/Mordor is actually mod humour more than anything.


Don’t be ridiculous. ResDubs mods don’t have a sense of humor



I always liked TOSe but he had his nasty elbow moments too in the day. Maybe that’s why…


Change your name there to YouTreeEejits and we’ll vote you for lifetime membership here!


Have to say, the chap has wit, bravo!