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Jim Flag has been smoking the funny fags again, the mayo lad deliberately missed that free against us and they pulled up not to get too close or beat us in Castlebar.

He also points out that there is no silverware handed out in the spring. Well, not to mayo there isn’t…


There’s no silverware handed out to Mayo at all hardly :wink:


Easter eggs and Jagger bombs on me this weekend :sweat_smile::tumbler_glass:


Its life Jim, but not as we know it.


There is some right space cadets on wild willie’s worldwide blog and not just a minortity either , the mania/hysteria on it just start to go into overdrive about now.


Yup. The air thumping tin foil hat wearing bunch of crazy people are about to go into second gear.


I think he’s been outed as taking the piss .


I can’t keep up​:neutral_face::grinning:

Am sure there are some reseers on deep cover over there, had suspected mr flag before


Looks like Jim Flagg is playing the good guy amongst the bad guys in the Town of Willie Joe.


Meanwhile Dave is imploding :joy:

Dave says:

April 1, 2018 at 8:53 pm

Reservoirdubs?? Please. There’s no debate on that forum, you’re either blindly praising the dubs or you’re not on there at all. A one trick pony website that no real dub would lower himself to post or look at it.


What was this in response to ?


Sean Burke says:

April 1, 2018 at 8:32 pm

“All that said, it would be no major surprise if Galway came and won the All Ireland that Mayo crave! They have a confidence that Mayo don’t have.”

“That Galway side will murder Mayo”

Interesting comments from reservoir dubs site. I find it intriguing the one about the confidence issue. Does tradition give you an edge in confidence when it comes to actually winning an all Ireland?


:smiley:, so they come over to dark side here as well


It all stems back to 89 and 96. In 89 Mayo came up with the “let’s play our football and enjoy the day” attitude. It was a lovely game and a nice All-I win for Cork. Up The Dall was tearing his or her hair out. “No county of mine will ever lose an All-I that way!!” quoth he/she.

In 96 Mayo came battle hardened and ready for anything. They had the beating of Meath and let it slip. And what happened after has dogged them ever since, they lapped up the sympathy and “we was robbed” stuff, Meath were the great demons, and the media have run with it for 20 years and counting.

Instead of coming back to put it right in 97 or 98 they went backwards and just to rub it in Galway strolled up and won Sam from nowhere. And then won it again. The nation bestowed upon Galway the title of “great footballers who win All-Irelands”, and the next time Mayo got to an All-I final, on the back of a classic attacking ambush back when none of us realised that Tyrone would have this pattern throughout the era, they went to the final with the reputation of really skilled footballers who Kerry told everyone would produce a “great final of proper football and may the best team win”. And lest we forget, Kerry were VERY vulnerable that year, on the back of defeats to Armagh and Tyrone, and the humiliation Vs Meath in 2001. I think many people had Mayo as favourites that day.

The truth about the humiliations of 2004 and 2006 was that, apart from the fact Kerry were just better, Mayo did not prepare properly, they were not smart with their tactics, they froze on the day, and they allowed the hype around the comeback against Dublin in 06, as well as the win over Tyrone in 2004 to make them believe they had come into their kingdom (excuse the pun). There was no real hard determination, no real durability, no real response to adversity. Or even when there was, no decent defending.

It can be said that these experiences were put to good use for this latest era when I think it’s fair to say Mayo have got the best out of their resources, and but for a little bit extra here and there would have won an All-I. It hasn’t been all about Dublin being better though. Mayo didn’t have the forwards to beat Donegal in 2012 (regardless of the mantra of the time, “oh if only they didn’t let in early goals”), and you could possibly say the same about 2014 against Kerry though overall they drew/lost those two semi-final games with some poor defending at times. Would they have beaten Donegal in the final after all that? I think only if they had played the way Kerry did in the final.

Now if only they were more cynical off the ball…


Willie joys thoughts on the game :blush:


The posters are cracked on that site. A lot of chest thumping. Poor souls can distinguish who they hate more Dublin or Galway. But they are going to beat the two of us thats for sure. Poor folks. never go full retard or visit that site. :slight_smile:


A nice bit of urine extraction with this tasty titbit.

"The title was there to be won by Galway but they just couldn’t do it. Instead, they lost their way badly down the closing straight."

Because Mayo have an oh so stellar record of not “losing their way badly, down the closing stretch” when a title is there to be won in Croke Park ???

Right you are Willie Joe, right you are ! :thinking:

Maybe you could offer them up lessons in how to close out a game against us, in the interests of Christian charity? It being Easter n’all. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Mayo are far from finished.


Finished . . . They’re done. No new blood coming in. Who is going to lead them ? St Andy, O’Shea’s, Leeroy , Parsons , Barrett , McLoughlin serial losers !


Serial losers? I don’t class any GAA player from any county as a loser. Like in life, you give it your best shot…if it isn’t good enough then so be it…sport like life is a bitch. The sacrifice they put in this day in age is unreal.

I even see it with my own friends who play club.

So easy to throw in the towel but these lads keep coming back for more…eventually the team will break up but they aren’t losers as you say.