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I wonder were Kilkenny hated as much as this ?
Its a far cry from when revelled in our misfortune , its pure torture for the fuckers .
What a time to be alive :sunglasses:


One of them kildare posters has to be spewen. He did post of that site years ago.


Yeah would be pretty sure he posts there. May even have a couple of user names. Every so often his articles mysteriously appear / reappear on threads having a go at Dublin. Starts the same sh1te over again with the same gobs1tes posting the same crap and bile they’ve posted 20 times previously. All you can do is laugh at them or worse still pity them :joy:


Willie Joe of Mayo blog posted that? Jesus how can he seriously stand over that and expect to be taken seriously outside of the denizens of his blog?

I love the pretend jobs thing. How many senior players are effectively full time GAA players during the summer given they are school teachers or students? How many are on the Mayo panel? Perhaps WJ will not include Philly in that bracket given that Andy Moran is in the same trade.

Then you have the Ulster Bank lads who took “sabbaticals” from work to be full time GAA players, and Lee Chin who openly calls himself one as he lives off of his endorsements.

These are all real full time GAA players. None of them warrant Willie Joe’s ire, none of them play for Dublin.



Gooch was another one with his “job” in AIB


Careful now lads, we’ve A good few in that role!


To be fair to Cooper he actually does have a real job in aib and shows up every day to go to work same as vast majority of inter county players.

If any of the Dublin players had walked away from full time jobs as Darren OSullivan, donkey or Lee Chin did the likes of spewan would go into meltdown.

The gas thing about this nonsense is that there are brainless twits on the likes of mayoblog and other low end boards that do believe it because they’re too stupid to know better and/or it suits their hatred of Dublin


If its any consolation , take some joy in the fact Ewan will never see his native county win an all ireland in his life time . Just like the rest of those losers on that forum.


The selfish ■■■■ forgot about this soldier having to commute from mordor and that extra 20 minutes, Ya dont see me griping. I say man up tin foil hat wearing cabbage eaters and do something about it! :joy::joy::joy:


Surprised they haven’t commented on the amounted of couples that have formed between the lads and ladies teams. In thirty years time there’s going to be super Dubs out of them couples. This all part of the monopoly. We’re paying our stars to reproduce


Don’t be giving him ideas now…