Club managers

Interesting to see some names of managers in the SH A champ thread, with a right few lads who managed/played county.

Whats the general breakdown in clubs? No names needed but be interested to see how many clubs have managers who managed or played to a good standard and how many clubs have outside people managing them


Boden = Joe Fortune…county manager
Crokes = Dalo…county manager/player

Won’t name names.
Kicks things off with naming names :joy:


Vincent’s - Cathal Fallon, played senior hurling with Vincent’s for 10 years +.
Won 3 Dublin championships with Vincent’s Senior camogie team ( Beaten in Leinster final twice) before taking over Senior men’s team last year.

is he a brother of Ronan?

Can we stick their salaries in aswel or…

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“Travel Expenses”