And Mexico will pay for it!


I used to visit family over there all through childhood and teens, and it was the same then. Kids knew nothing about anything outside their own place, didn’t even know a whole lot about that either. They hadn’t heard of major world events of the time or past. Alot of families just got tabloid newspapers and didn’t watch tv news. They didn’t have discussions about anything around the world and never travelled except to Benidorm or wherever.


Sorry to say but that might actually be a move. I presume whoever Greenland is under the power of will have indisputable rights to Arctic Ocean sea routes, which in this time of melting Ice cap will become a major advantage in faster movement of goods and military by sea (currently between the US and Asia it has to go via Russia or all the way around a long way.

As it stands I think there is/was an agreement that such an environmentally (and otherwise) sensitive area won’t be exploited wholesale but knowing Trump and whoever else might be to come, they’d be up there in a flash given half the chance and probably blowing up the ice with explosives and developing massive ice-breaker ships to speed up the process.

Greenland is technically Danish but is basically autonomous. I can’t see them ‘selling’ it. He is a very strange man.

I think Trump thought Greenland was a supermarket chain rivalling Iceland.


another business he could end up bankrupting

Maybe sell the rights to the waters. Under duress!

this will all be part of a reelection campaign anyway. Something to throw to his supporters to keep them happy.

as a fella in my class explained to me. I may as well fail honours as pass … at least there is pride in taking the honours paper :joy:

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It is a perfect example of how messed up things are that when I first read this I had absolutely no idea of whether it was real or a spoof.

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Twat face is Not polling well

Would those three alone be enough to swing the election?

Assuming they all went Trump’s way in 2016, yes.

Actually, no. But I reckon there are sufficient swings in other states to make enough of a difference.

Assume those are cherry picked for dramatic effect - did they vote for him last time?

Secret ballot …

Мичиган конечно сделал.


Nope but if the Dems won the states they won in 2016 along with those 3 would mean they’d only need one of Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida to take the WH.

Is this before or after … em … interference

Before :ru:

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Fake news pussy grabbers !!!