Always with the Russia


They must have given Crimea back?


No Puppet!!!





Nice work Paulie


We’re all gonna die


Someone remind the oul shite he is not meeting stormy Daniels…


Sometimes you just have to stand back and ask ‘how the ■■■■ did it get to this?’


Amazing. Macron really has his number big time




There’s a video going viral at the moment of some tv reality bolloxollogy and a group of young ones sitting around talking about Brexit.

Watch it and you’ll understand why Brexit and Trump happened! I will be spending more time trying to control my children’s outlook on life.



Seen it, reflects the experience I had in the Uk recently. I don’t expect everyone to care about politics but how can a Uk citizen not know what brexit is at this stage ffs. Idiots.


They were worried about cheese! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Develop maybe …


We have way’s of making you talk…

That’s been my fatherhood mantra from the fatherland!


I’m normally sympathetic to people who lose their jobs. But these guys ? ■■■■ them. They were warned about him and still backed him (and probably still do)


Mexico has slapped tariffs on key trump state industries. Canada and the Eu likely to follow suit. China also. This is going well.