Adios Paulie



His base believe him when he says that there’s a witch hunt and the deep state are plotting to get him. It’s nuts. He will try to fire meuller before this is over. They are wholly detached from reality thanks for trump & fox news’s alt reality.



Someone found out actions have consequences


Fucking ghouls


That country is so fooked. This is how in thrall to propaganda people are


What a disgusting piece of sub human scum


I wish somebody would make this go away …


It used to be yuge fun when you were his cheerleader on here. You made Trump great again.


Who introduced the policy of separating the children from their families ?


Trump, Sessions and Kelly. Despite what the fuckers claim otherwise


Yeah i had heard something about Obama starting this off.


The absolute mongs that comment under it, that place is fucked.


Those stories are distorting
Unaccompanied minors were taken into care or whatever (As in not put in a cage like we see at the moment) Kids weren’t taken from their parents


An evil cùnt. Hope she burns in hell . They’re kids for ■■■■ sake


Gotta hand to Trump , he has appointed very like minded people . They wouldn’t look out of place in Raiders of the Lost Ark.


A sentiment nicely summed up in this tweet.


Genuinely think America is fucked at this stage. Fox has a large chunk of the population so brain washed, that they trust a ruthless murderious foreign dictator more then a democrat. Palin was the start of it, trump is up a few notches but he is just a symptom of a very messed up society. November elections could be the last chance.


I mean , i hate the ■■■■ & maybe that’s clouding my judgement , but it really looks like the supporting cast out of some low grade corrupt political movie .