Trump went from blaming the democrats to suddenly claiming he was not going to allow America become over run with immigrants on his watch. So he seems to have taken ownership of the policy now. His Lackie’s stories have varied all weekend, they have ranged from its not happening to we make no apology for doing it. So may lies it’s impossible to keep the story consistent.



How can this be televised and not challenged. No wonder they are f**ked. free speech is a problem when you have media willing to spread what is basically right wing propaganda. the whole thing leads to one huge echo chamber where Fox will put the boot into different people for their actions completely depending on their political affiliation. So if a right wing person is accused of sexual assault it is played down, but if a democrat is accused then it’s an outrage.Keep doing that and you have a percentage of the population who prefer Putin to Pelosi.



Coulter is anothet vile c*nt


People using the Nazis as analogy are quite right. To clarify, Trump is clearly not advocating mass murder. But in terms of how the Nazis were allowed do what they did there are huge similarities. US politics is now zero sum - you’re either with us or with them. If you’re with us anything we do is justifiable or can be rationalised - and if what we do upsets them all the better.

What is now acceptable - or at least openly being discussed and argued over - is frightening. I imagine if George W Bush brought in similar policies after 911 there would have been uproar. Now it’s being debated as a policy initiative, like Medicare or something.

What’s also fnoteworthy is there appears to be no non-party organised demonstrations, no civil society response. Perhaps that’s down to the way their political system is set up, you’re either Rep or Dem.


That is fucked up.


The whole thing is deeply flawed. Hoping against hope that the SC can take this fooker down but i think he could shoot someone in the back and fox would rationalise it and the GOP would do nothing. I think he has either paid the key GOP figures off or they have dirt on them. Rumour online that the RNC server was also hacked but nothing was released on wikileaks … funnily enough.


It’ll be numerical tattoos next


The Trump Reich…


Republican on TV and online defending this as glamping etc.How did it get this nuts?


The rascist zealots over there were just waiting for the right candidate to come along who mirrored their views . Sure didn’t Hitler pin all Germany’s woes on the Jews to get him into power . Every body loves a scape goat .


WTF? that’s beyond bullshit, even for those unrepentant liars. Vile racist scum



Guantanamo for kids ?



Anyone who says it’s wrong to compare these sub human scumbags to the Nazi’s can ■■■■ right off. Language like that above is right out of the Nazi playbook


Genuinely think he has lost the plot. Did you see him proposing the space force yesterday. what the ****


Ground control to Major Don …

He’s some fcuking space cadet alright …


Give the Donster a break lads. He’ll need a space force in case Rocketman stops being his new best friend ever.


he is a horrible ■■■■, I keep thinking of the scene out ‘the Dead Zone’ with Martin Sheen. Orange cunty balls probably does this every saturday night to help him hit wood right after he has put away a few cheeseburgers.