If he hadn’t been setup by the father he could have had a real murky past , not that he doesn’t have already .


"I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her. Isn’t that terrible? How terrible? Is that terrible?”


It’s 10 out of 10 on the international creep scale Donald you sleezeball.


The way he prevaricates: this is fucked up, isn’t it? But how fucked up really? Is it actually fucked up or…?





he was right about the boob job though :joy:



Oh looks like someone else is finding out actions have consequences



Buy Harley



I’d like that to be real, but I’m pretty sure it’s fake.




But But President Deals said he achieved De-Nuclearisation…


The world is going to hell.


Because of course


So a Supreme Court judge is stepping down. Meaning trump & the gop have a chance to load up a right wing judge in their place. Therefore tipping the balance of the court to the gop.

Potentially meaning when meuller subpoenas trump, and trump ignores it, the Supreme Court will potentially do nothing about it. Worrying stuff. Although not a given, ever the right wing judges must have some grá for the rule of law. Not just partisan decisions.


In theory, but look at Scalia, fot example, always found a way to vote for the conservative position. There are a lot of cases in precedent , if you try hard enough, you can always find one to get you to the verdict you want.