What a c**t


That Pruitt guy make trump look sane.


Brings job = love him. Like that corrupt tw@t in tipp.


Blessed be.


Today is the 4th July … America has rarely been less free …


Land of the rich and the home of the lawyer


That not here?


We refer to them as senior council, but yeah, now all we need is a Leo to get tango’d and presto, little Arkansas


He’s making a stab at it


Journo’s really are a precious bunch of indulged wankers


They are, this is a non story if ever there was one, taking comments out of context is just not news. Silly season.


Don’t disagree but don’t think it’s a good idea to be using Donnie as a reference to back your opinion given the particular rhetoric he uses in relation to journalists


Not a good idea picking bones with political journalists, either - no matter who is right or wrong. They won’t be slow in turning on him.
I’m no fan of Varadkar, to be honest. He is riding somewhat high at the moment though on the back of the Tory’s f*cking up Brexit (he has the entire EU Commission behind hi, I’d say) and the repealing of the 8th Amendment. He will quickly lose sway with journalists if he wants to take them on.


Depends on what he said exactly in context, i’m sure he’s not genuinely on Trump’s side with his incitement to violence against journalists.


Oh I don’t think he is but it’s the optics more than anything else


They are the most precious of the lot no doubt. Well up their own arses and the quality of writing and content is abysmal. No wonder people don’t buy papers anymore


I don’t think we know the context as Leo hasn’t provided it yet?

I’d say he was just running his mouth off without considering what he was actually saying. Inviting comparisons with Trump on this - mere days after he stated ‘I speak for myself’ in response to yet another situation of his own making - shows the criticisms of him being a bit ‘green’ and immature for the job aren’t that far off the mark. For a taoiseach and government obsessed with optics and media spin they are appallingly bad at it.


If you hang around here for long enough you’ll see enough links to cover the Indo.


It’s possible to read the whole focking thing here without ever buying it …


Oh I dunno. Do you ever visit the site? We must only post half the celebrity culture stuff. Some half famous model is marrying some bloke off the Telly etc.