Only this time the russsians have a Manchurian candidate in the White House.




… absolute scumbags.



Trump going to Moscow to personally update His boss Putin on their plan to destabilise the Western alliances, the EU , NATO, Democracy, etc, etc. We can only hope that American heroes exist in real life and not just the movies.


That is the real fear…what if the Democrats do not come up with a credible candidate in the next year. It is looking likely that they wont.

The best chance of beating Trump in a general might be if a moderate Republican tries to get the Democratic nomination.

Jeb 2020 (D)

Slightly far fetched i know but he would have a better chance than Bernie or Warren.


This is the brexit/trump effect live. He keeps spouting lies about the Eu and his base lap it up. Just like Boris with his nhs bus and Farage with his poster



Wow the North Koreans were fucking them around who could have possibly seen that coming…


Didn’t they just try that?






This line…

“An Ohio law known as the Community Defense Act proscribes anyone touching a nude or semi-nude dancer, unless they are related.”

So, if the dancer is your daughter/sister/niece it’s ok?



Word Salad


Look at this nutter


Space balls.


Used to love that country. I want all my family back home now. I fear for them and their children.


Just shat all over Theresa :joy::joy::joy::joy: