Coaching resources

Official site has a section on it,
I follow Colm Nally and Shane Smith on the twitter machine too and always find their stuff good, another is @GAAmecoaching, I Have Colm’s book which is a great resource, I was also at a workshop by Colm, we should change our mindset kids should have activities not drills, Take the magpie approach, use other coaches stuff to make up your own, Will the GPO (you have a good one) take a training night that you can learn from, can you visit neighbouring club or vice versa to exchange ideas, On training nights get feedback from the most important group those 9 & 10 year old critics. Make up and ask the questions like what was your favorite thing we did today ?, what did anyone not like ? Who caught the ball 10 times ? Who passed to 10 different people but be warned you’re going to have 15/20 kids screaming answers back at you. They will lie about the number of passes or catches but they will remember for next week.


Brings a new meaning to the blanket defense :blush: