Coddle - how do you like yours?


Good suggestion from @DUB09. I think there might off been a similar thread on the old site. So Coddle how do you like yours? Traditional or additional items thrown in. Cant beat a coddle with superquinn sausages. ■■■■ me no.

Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)
Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)

Ah lads, lets all just leave it there. Fucking January. Makes forums into minefields. ya need to clam down and eat a nice bowl of this.


Now that is a top notch coddle, couple of slices of black crusted batch with plenty of butter and a pot of tea, the best part of winter.


Agree… batch bread with Coddle. Made in heaven.


Hold on a second, someone fried those sausages before boiling. . .


Guilty of that myself. Fry the sausages first.


Think the frying the sausages first is a generation thing, my mother never did but myself and siblings do.


Yeah its a tough one. For me it fucks up the taste. But from an aesthetic its probably more pleasing to the eye.


Oh. Phew. I’m glad its not just me.




Yesssssssssss !!!

A thousand times yes !

(Said in Meg Ryan voice.)

The sausages are fine, the carrots can fcuk right off though.


No amount of coddle could make me feel better after reading his puns .


Yer one hard woman to please. ffs. no one gets left behind even the carrots.:grin:


You prefer asparagus?


" Asparagus" :joy::joy::joy::joy:


2/10, needs more Lentils for volume.


… and quinoa for fibre.


And maybe slice the sausage so they look like little white puddings and use those diced bacon bits… I will like ■■■■. There will no lentils though, none even though I appreciate the fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins they bring.


Correct, Lentils are for Hippy Southsiders, and have no place in a Coddle.

Also, Tea? FFS, Bottle of Stout, from the Shelf, none of yer fancy Fridge business, or CO2 injection.


I like a good cup of tea. To be fair the lentils night not be a bad shout on occasion. I do have an uncle who swears by his ‘brown’ coddle. I must mention lentils to get his thoughts on it.