Colleges Hurling 2018/19


First final of the school year next Tuesday in Abbottown. Ardscoil vs Colaiste Eoin in the U/16. Should be a tight one. We drew with Fintans in the league while they beat them in the semi by a point after extra time. Worth a look if you have nothing else on.


Fintan’s of Sutton? What clubs would have players there.


Mostly Raheny and Barrog.


Didn’t think it was a posh-enough school for Raheny players.


Gar O’Driscoll from mearnog is teaching out in Fintan’s and is doing some absolutely Trojan work for Hurling out there.


Leinster gaa website used to have all the scores from schools matches, but doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while. There’s been a few results in their twitter feed, but not much. Any idea Alan where second level results can be viewed these days?


What time is throw-in at ?


1 p.m.


No idea unfortunately. If Leinster is not putting them up then I don’t know of any other site that does.


Gar is a great lad. Top class. Fintans is coming along nicely.


You’d be hard pushed to find a man more passionate about the Irish language and hurling, was lucky enough to have him coach me through juvenile with mearnog!


Thought Jackie Hughes managed you…


Yeh, at junior, still helps out with our clubs junior team. Gar at juvenile.


He’s a true Gent. Managed me in school.


Were you troublesome?


Funny enough never had him as a teacher, yet always got off classes cause I played hurling. He always had time for lads from Seachtar Laoch in Ballymun as he knew we only played hurling. I remember he had us playing minor when we were in 1st year.


Rís by two.


Good game?


Wasn’t at it. Should be a report in Thursday’s Herald.


Ard Scoil Ris 5-7, Colaiste Eoin 2-13. Ard Scoil trailed by 7 in the 1st half and by 3 at HT. It certainly was a case of goals win games. A very stiff cross field wind and a fast astro surface made for some scrappy play at times.