Connacht Senior Football Championship 2019

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Mayo 1/5 with the Books. Ros 9/2. It’s usually a niggley affair between these two teams. Mayo will probably win but they are expected to so they might not . They are Mayo after all.

Peoples champions to win and to further solidify them been the sporting success* story of this decade.

Mayo by 5.

*According to gru gilroy from off the ball bag.

Did you see this one …

His nickname is cake. It’s missing fruit before it …

I predict Mayo may not make Super 8s and definitely not the semis.

Let the people’s champions eat cake.

Did anyone actually read the article? Bit of mind games before the Mayo game with his beloved Rossies…

Curran litteraly says in black and white Dublin are the best team?

Headline is a joke

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Doesn’t stop people jumping to twitter…Vinnie Murphy take note

Ffs can ye read at all? He says, clearly, “for me they are the pound-for-pound best team in the country at the moment.” That’s what he says. In black and white. About Mayo. Couldn’t be clearer.

He’s a bit of a thick.

He is saying that because Mayo won the league and are playing his county this weekend…mind games…no need to get upset over it…and I agree he is a clown. We all know Dublin are the best team in the country.

Vinny Murphy and Cake Curran

Why would anyone take what either of them say serious.


I’m not upset. I did cry a little earlier but i think I’m ok now. But I did read the article and he said Mayo are the best team in the country - so I did actually read the article and that’s what he said.

They could beat Dublin he said. If they manage to get out of Connacht he said. And if they get through the Super 8s he said. This is the best team … so many ifs.

James Horan is a great man to bring a lad on and get him to score a goal. No wonder the print press is going to the wall. Not soon enough.

Just " a bit of a thick" ? :roll_eyes:

We all know you shouldn’t tweet when drunk add to that you shouldn’t do speaking engagements when your hurting. Drivel is cheap truth costs a bit more.

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Vinnie didnt exactly make Trinners up here. Pinch of salt all round

Did he not play for trinity at one stage :wink:


Is that laughing at the UK? No no no!!

There is a good chance Mayo will shart the togs if its close. Wildmen like Boyle and O’Connor are crying out for the line maybe he will get it tomorrow. 18 wides against New York is the real Mayo not the huff and puff league win.