Coronavirus COVID-19

Did you see HSE Lady says they have 600 vents up and running and another 1,400 on the way?

For what it’s worth, if it’s Lusk Community Unit, it has been a brilliantly run place for the 15 years I have known it, and known it well


Yeh saw that alright and also the italian doc that said they found non-invasive ventilation was also an option.

We’re in the lucky position that we get to learn a massive amount from other countries

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Yes dude my Dad and me have nothing but good things to say, fantastic :muscle:

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Has saved us an absolute horror show hopefully.

We are flattening it all the time - every day that people abide by the guidelines. Scrotes like the young crowd in the picture earlier have no interest in flattening it.

With a 14 day period and a lot of measures introduced on 15/3 hopefully we will see the benefit of that. There will be bad days in the next fortnight but we must expect that - and hope our % continue to come in below expectations. That way it will be a lot more manageable.

But as @Rochey would say keep washing the hands and keep your distance.


Not sure about her data and projections but interesting all the same

Granny is in nursing home in Glasnevin, went on lockdown 3 weeks ago.

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True, every model will have different projections but, as things stand, I doubt anywhere would turn down a 16% upward trend currently.

about a month if we behave ourselves

the hour going forward is probably not ideal as a bit of sunshine will see groups out for cans in various places in Dublin

the behaving ourselves piece is the challenge

255 cases - probably a few thousand at least who have a mild form of it and aren’t getting tested

really until we get a vaccine we need a global approach to this - trump and johnson won’t help this though



It s getting quieter everyday. I m out in the car around north Dublin for about 3 hours everyday. Howth , Malahide, Coast rd , ,Phoenix pk . People are staying in. Where I live just off Glasnevin ave it is quiet enough . This an area where there are always plenty of teenagers hanging around. Bar a few toe rags hanging around the slipper pub today all I see is the general public doing their best to adhere to the direction given .


It is yeh. Town was eerie yesterday, just silence.

This is very sad and frightening if true. I’ve seen the government is denying it is true

Unfortunately no reason to believe it is fake.I don’t think it will only be spain either that these choices will be made in relation to respirators.

It will be even quieter today…the 10 deaths yesterday seems to have shocked many…wait until it goes multiples of that…people are getting very afraid.

Omg that’s horrifying :disappointed_relieved: