Coronavirus COVID-19



True, every model will have different projections but, as things stand, I doubt anywhere would turn down a 16% upward trend currently.

about a month if we behave ourselves

the hour going forward is probably not ideal as a bit of sunshine will see groups out for cans in various places in Dublin

the behaving ourselves piece is the challenge

255 cases - probably a few thousand at least who have a mild form of it and aren’t getting tested

really until we get a vaccine we need a global approach to this - trump and johnson won’t help this though



It s getting quieter everyday. I m out in the car around north Dublin for about 3 hours everyday. Howth , Malahide, Coast rd , ,Phoenix pk . People are staying in. Where I live just off Glasnevin ave it is quiet enough . This an area where there are always plenty of teenagers hanging around. Bar a few toe rags hanging around the slipper pub today all I see is the general public doing their best to adhere to the direction given .


It is yeh. Town was eerie yesterday, just silence.

This is very sad and frightening if true. I’ve seen the government is denying it is true

Unfortunately no reason to believe it is fake.I don’t think it will only be spain either that these choices will be made in relation to respirators.

It will be even quieter today…the 10 deaths yesterday seems to have shocked many…wait until it goes multiples of that…people are getting very afraid.

Omg that’s horrifying :disappointed_relieved:

Holy shit - that’s powerful and frightening. Listening to what’s happening in London that the next big European city to face this situation

Some cunning stunt of a human being

No real need to be afraid if you follow the guidelines. Unfortunately like every other ill in society it’s the tiny majority they try to fcuk it up for everybody. We see the effort and sacrifice of our health workers, then there’s the Garda, shop workers, hauliers, social welfare staff, postmen and women and all others who are helping to keep things ticking over. Then we have the assholes who spit and cough at people, who gather in groups and don’t give a fcuk. If parents won’t look after their children appropriately there should be curfews and heavy fines. This b**tard of a virus will continue to spread if people aren’t vigilant. If they are wilfully negligent it makes it tougher for the rest of us. There has to be zero tolerance here.


US now has the most cases. Cue tweet …

‘We are the best at this Chinese virus. We have the most cases. More than any other country in the world. America is number one for Corona. People said this wouldn’t be possible but we don’t do not possible’


the Chinese wouldn’t stand for it, that’s for sure.

Generational maggots. At the risk of being daubed a fascist I’ll leave it there…


Europe has the most cases…But America is screwed with that clown in the White House.

Europe isn’t a country @mayoman

3/4 yrs ago nurse’s and doctors were leavin the country in droves cause of the pay and conditions , the money they were on for the jobs they do is shockin, I remember James Reilly and previous ministers for health argue’n countless times against the nurses in particular about pay and conditions, absolutely disgraceful, the present government are not the heroes here , they are only doin what any government worth their salt would do that was elected to serve the people , ( although varadkar wasn’t elected by the people) , that’s their job. please God when this is all over and hopefully sooner rather than later I hope nurse’s , doctors and all health care worker’s are rewarded properly for what they do, instead of drivin them out of the country and payin them buttons. I might be wrong but so far I haven’t heard anyone in the dail say the whole country is taken a hit, we should lead by example and try live like everyone that’s lost their jobs on €350 a wk ( not a fuckin hope). Pensions expenses etc etc will still be there , nothin to worry about there. Nurse’s and and Doctors should be kept HERE in the future instead of been forced to go abroad cause of pay and conditions.
As for the scumbags that’s goin around in gangs hassle’n and terror’isn people , the guard’s should be let loose at these, no holdin back let them have it and ■■■■ the do gooders, make’n people’s lives a misery in time’s like this , make an example of these scumbags and it’ll sort them out , handcuff them to the railins on the green and power hose them, see how fuckin hard they are then.