Cups Competitions


Heard this will be the last year of the cup comps, too many walkovers


Any idea why they were moved to this time of year? I always thought they were a good warm up for the league when they were played in February


Start of the leagues was brought forward so that championship games could be played in April. This is to facilitate the All Ireland club finals being played in the same calendar year and so that county teams wont be inconvenienced by those irritating club finals being played on St Patrick’s day, keeping “their players” from attending bleep tests/bonding sessions/ team tiddly wink games etc.


Hard to get teams together as they are played on a hurling wk and vice versa for hurling cups been played on a football wk so lads and managers lose interest. Maybe some sort of feile tournament over a weekend mite be an idea possibly 7 a side


Is this not the whole idea of the cups, and why they were introduced in the first place?
For single code players only?

Dual clubs shouldn’t be entering the same number of teams for league and cup if they have a number of dual players.


Prob 80 per cent of clubs in dublin are duel clubs the problem is not going to go away with the current structures in place so big change is needed or get rid of them altogether


Maybe so, but I very much doubt 80% of players are dual players!

If a club has 2 football and 2 hurling teams i’d imagine that there is probably cross over of about 1 team! That would leave 1 football cup and 1 hurling cup team!
Obviously this is a guess on the numbers, and it is going to be specific to each club, but if all your players are already playing 2 codes then don’t enter teams in the cups - there are already enough games to keep your teams going.


Were fixtures sent out by CCC for cup games on 16th/17th June?

I have been told we are in the Conlon cup semi final v TSS on 17th June but nothing is on DublinGAA.


I’m hoping to win a cup by getting a walkover in every round (including the final).


Saturday 16th June, 2018

St Vincent de Paul Cup Final Somerton Park 18:30 Castleknock v Ballymun Kickhams TBC
AIB Cup Final Skerries 18:30 Skerries Harps v R. Towers © / Na Fianna TBC
Loving Cup Final Lusk 18:30 Round Towers Lusk v Kilmacud Crokes TBC
Joy Cup Semi-final Man O War 18:30 Man O War v Skerries Harps TBC

Sunday 17th June, 2018

Conlon Cup Semi-final Balbriggan 11:00 O’Dwyers v Templeogue Synge St TBC
Stacy Cup Quarter-final Replay 12th Lock 11:00 Lucan Sarsfields v Innisfails TBC
Parson Cup Semi-final Russell Park 11:00 St Brigids v St James Gaels An Caislean TBC
Murphy Cup Semi-final Lusk 11:00 Round Towers Lusk v Na Fianna TBC
Murphy Cup Semi-final Silverpark 11:00 Kilmacud Crokes v St Peregrines TBC
Sheridan Cup Semi-final Plunkett VEC 15:00 Rosmini Gaels v Starlights TBC
Duffy Cup Semi-final The Gaels 15:00 Ballyfermot DLS v Na Fianna TBC
Duffy Cup Semi-final Pairc Uí Ruairc 15:00 Beann Eadair v St Brendans TBC
Mooney Cup Final St Catherines Park 15:00 Erin Go Bragh v O’Dwyers TBC
O Broin Cup Semi-final Galtymore Road 15:00 Good Counsel v Croí Ró Naofa / GP Morans TBC


I see some of the cups only have one semi final. Is that because one team has a bye into the final and will play the semi final winner?


I know our junior team that entered the Sheridan Cup are in the Final already. However they did play TSS and Castleknock to get there. I believe there was 10 teams in the competition and that’s how other semi is only being played now.


We haven’t played any games in the cup


Was just about to ask you that!
We were told when we beat Monica’s that we were into the final with Lucan. The County Board must have changed their mind on that considering the above, though nothing is up on Hill 16 showing these fixtures as of yet.


As far as I know we entered the cup and were forgotten. I would say they realised it, then flipped a coin between yourselves and Lucan to play us in a semi final.

The cups have been a bit of a mess this year. They should of been left before the league as a pre-season competition.


Anything goes in the cup.

We won a semi a few years ago and were set to play in a final but were later informed Erin’s isle were accidentally left out of th_emphasized text_e competition so we played them in another semi :joy:


I played in a cup a few years ago and won and were later told that was only the 1st leg and had to play again :joy:


Apparently Kilmacud can’t field a team for the Loving Cup final against Lusk tomorrow evening!
I know that clubs aren’t putting much pass on the cups this season, but giving a walk over in a final?


Congrats to Lusk


Crokes would have no problem fielding if they were playing at home :wink::wink: