Cups Competitions


IF this its the case? CCC should insist Crokes chairman go to Lusk tomorrow evening and present the trophy to them.


Crisis in Crokes!


The World Cup must be big in Stillorgan


Castleknock 0-12 Ballymun 2-10


AIB final result:
Skerries 1-12 Na Fianna 2-11


O’Dwyers beat TSS by 2 in the Conlon Cup semi final.


Erin Go Bragh Mooney Cup Winners beating O Dwyers 3:12 - 0:05


Fairplay well done👍


Decent game, clubhouse flying up. Pitch in bits though, they sprayed it with something to keep the rabbits off and it burnt the grass. Just an aside no point in playing these games when hurling league on, I’d suggest either move them back to start of the season or play them off in a blitz style of competition some weekend.


Counsel beat Croí in the O Brion cup semi yesterday.

Think we play Towers C in the final.


Any idea on when the remaining finals will be scheduled?


Think the remaining games/finals are due to be played 01/07.


This is a joke. A final is a final I’m sure the tower lads are just as sick. No way to win a cup. KC should be ashamed of them selfs really shocking stuff.


Apologies for the late response on this. I wasn’t there last Sunday but congrats on the win. Heard it was a good game.

One gripe though. Did your lads purposely go out of their way after the match to go back two years on Danny O’Reilly’s instagram, find a picture of him with the Conlon Cup to type up stick & abuse? No need for it really and it is a bit embarrassing on their part. Sincerely hope it is from kids and not members of the adult team…


Very bad form considering the backround to this semi final and how it came about.

Management or club should step in and contact the lads to remove them before more get involved.


Sure they have no kids left there, they all left for Fingallians.


Was Danny playing? Hope his transfer went through from the club he was playing with in London a few months ago :see_no_evil:


Wasn’t at the game myself but the lads said it was a good game. You guys were 6 or 7 up at one stage and we clawed it back.

Must say I don’t know anything about this. I don’t use instagram and first I heard was when a member of this site text me about it.


3 scaldy looking fella’s, possible virgins. All over 18. Can send you the names if you want.


Who’s the comedian :roll_eyes: