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He took more than his tue permitted.

Simple. Lose vuelta title.
Take 6 month ban.
Dirto got a yaer for less.


Check out the responses to his tweet about it, hilarious


Tick Tock for ‘Team Marginal Gains’ and Sir Bradley.

We all knew about this already this just makes it more official


I think it’s laudable that a whole team can beat asthma and become successful. Such an inspiration for others.


He’s not wrong. Flandis had his stripped. Should be no different for Bradley


Thank god for Chris Froome, TUE … I mean OBE …


Agree, but take a look at who finished 2nd to Wiggins that year?


There’s a decent mockumentary out called Tour De Pharmacy. It’s worth a gander. If he rest of it wasnt so serious you’d laugh.


Nothing here suspicious at all…

The Froome wankfest in the British media is in full flow


Or here…


i love that pic.

was shocked to see froome won, i had missed the whole of the final week and last had heard that he was nowhere. funny that.



Is that Kris Frűm at the front? Did they have inhalers back then?



Cracking stage of the Tour today. Just watched the recording of it.
Hopefully the ASO look at having this short but intense stage profile every year.
Great showing by Dan coupled with Froome having a bad day made for enjoyable viewing.


Oh no. Did Froome have an asthma attack?


No fans with giant inhalers chasing him today but a Gendarme did knock him onto the road after the stage ended as well as him losing time. Sets it up nicely for Friday & Saturday.


Betcha the gendarme was a drug cheat!


Lots of booing of froome at the finish too. Great stage and Kelly’s commentary was spot on too.


What did Kelly say?
If Dan Martin had a half-decent team he would finish Top 3, I teckon. He would nearly have a better chance of winning being number 2 in a team to someone like Froome, just as Thomas currently is.