Lads , I know we had a thread on the last forum about this & a certain individual who shall not be named who conned alot of people claiming he had it . I’d just like to write a few words on it . I had what I assumed was depression for the last few years . I had a couple of horrendous episodes happen to me over the last two weeks which involved two visits to Blanchardstown hospital & three visits to the psychiatric ward for mental health in Drogheda. I have a plan in place for me to be implemented going forward . To say it caused distress to the ones I love is an understatement. But I want to start this off anyway for anyone who might be in a similar situation & needs help . We aren’t an island , there is hope & help out there . I just want to say how thankful & appreciative of the good folk in said places as well as those in Pieta House . I have a long , long road ahead of me but I just want to make people aware there is help out there . Never feel like you can’t talk to anyone no matter how bleak you think things are . Don’t keep your problems to yourself . If anyone wants to add to this feel free & if anyone is going through dark times I’m always here to chat , here or via pm . This is a big problem in this country but it can be overcome !


Good to see ye getting the help and guidance ye need unbelievable and fair play for putting this post up here.


Well done, Unbelievable. You’ve taken an important first step or two. It’s not an easy road, but keep going in the right direction.

Easier said than done, but feel free to drop a PM anytime.


Sorry to hear about your struggles @Unbelievable i hope you get through it bud.


On a lighter note I was slighted miffed I missed Cuala winning on the telly :joy: but if that’s all I can complain about I’ll be a happy man going forward !
God willing I’ll be in Croker next Saturday !


Great start Unbelievable, great start, everyone gets through by leaning on their friends and loved ones. That’s what they’re there for.

I’d agree with Joxer_Daly, send a PM anytime.


Yes, Croker on Saturday and a Summer of matches to come, culminating in the surely inevitable 3 in a row! I hope everything goes fine, Unbelievable.


Sorry to hear you went through that @Unbelievable. Glad to hear you got through it. Very brave to post it up but I’d encourage anyone experiencing the same to do similar. Talk to someone. Don’t suffer in silence


Jaysus Unbelievable what about poor Boh Dub … he’s gettting married in 3 weeks!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Best of luck going forward - there is always someone there for you. Be like our lads - stay winning. :+1:


You see, it’s posts like this that will help ensure that depression will never be allowed to skulk back into the unspoken shadows & become a taboo subject once more. Such an awful scurge for so many families (let’s be honest, who doesn’t know someone or who hasn’t had a family member having dealt with or dealing with this?) that only becomes worse through silence & avoidance.
Certainly here in Spain, it feels as if it’s still a taboo subject. Possibly the last one but there’s much work still to be done to normalise talk of it.

Great work @Unbelievable. Brave post. Sorry to hear of your experience but you’ve done the right thing & taken the right course of action.


Fair play, unbelievable. You’re on the right road. Take up the offers of pm’s here if you need to. I think depression is something that hits everyone at various times in our lives but just affects people in differing ways and levels.


Well done Unbelievable - brave post brother.


Fair play boss, chin up, hardest thing I suppose for those of us who have been lucky enough not to suffer is that we often find it hard to understand the real problem sufferers have and we tend to brush it off as " Just a bad patch", but thanks to post like yours it gives us an insight to the real problem.


Best of luck Unbelievable. Stay positive.

We had Mick O Toole from Craobh out with us a few weeks ago having a discussion on mental health and it was a fantastic eye opener. Talking to someone about it is the first step on the road to recovery


Fair play to you @Unbelievable for coming forward, similar to what @Joxer_Daly did on the old forum a few years back.

I am going through something similar to you at the moment but I wouldn’t necessarily have called it depression. I have had a rough few years from an employment perspective and these things just started getting on top of me after Xmas where I simply haven’t had any confidence and a lot of self-hatred. I’m now working through my problems through counselling and taken time away from working to complete my qualifications.

Thankfully, I have a fantastic family on both my and my wife’s side who have been brilliant to me since the turn of the year and I’m starting to like myself a hell of a lot more. Like you, I have a plan in place to get my life back on track and fingers crossed things will work out for me in the long run.

Feel free to PM if you want as a problem shared is a problem halved.


And there is where the answer lies most of the time. You WON’T know what support you have and how great those closest to you can be until you reach out and speak to someone.


Fair play @dcr22B , we actually have the exact same symptoms , not depression so to speak . Major life changes have happened to me the last couple of years which have all come to ahead recently . Its just figuring out these issues that will make things better . Best of luck to you too , we will beat this !


Damn fecking straight we will, looking for help is probably the hardest piece of the puzzle. Gradually the stigma of mental health is being tackled head on by the likes of yourself and Joxer going public with your story and if it gets even one more person in the horrors to help themselves then it’s a victory.


@Unbelievable @dcr22B Road to recovery is being able to talk about it. Fair play lads for sharing. You’ve a lot of back-up on Ressers. Beir Bua.


Maith thú @LiamMac GRMA