Jaysus @dcr22B sorry to hear about that as well, seems like you’re in good hands and on the mend! Mind yerselves lads!


Well done lads/lasses for speaking out on this, and sharing personal stuff. It really is a help to others. I echo what Unbelievable says, I work in the mental health service, if anyone wants to ask anything it’s something I have to offer, seeing as I’m useless at stuff like DIY, cars etc!


U[quote=“25AliveOh, post:22, topic:1842”]
I’m useless at stuff like DIY, cars, discussing GAA etc![/quote]

Ah Al - you’re not that useless …




Jesus, fair play lads for your bravery in being so open. I wish to God some of the stubborn fcukers in my own family were as fearless as ye.

Just remember, at the darkest hour, when everything seems unspeakably grim, remember that most important of facts…



When I saw the title of the thread I thought that this would be depressing reading, no pun intended.
On reading the thread it has been the complete opposite - heartening and optimistic.
I have always been one of those people who would have thought “ah come on, you’ll get over it”. It’s only in the last 10 years or so that my perception slowly changed, as I’ve had people close to me suffer in different ways.
Fairplay lads. Very brave to be so open. I hope ye come out top notch on the other side. Keep up the positive attitude.


Podcast with Shane Carthy talking about his battle with depression


That’s strong stuff. Fair play to him. Can’t have been easy


Just came across this thread now, I would have family members who have suffered from depression, These are very brave posts from equally very good and well thought of posters, which is a great encouragement to anyone feeling alone, to know that on this great forum there is people here ready to listen and offer encouragement.


Good read, he will be a loss, and not just to Connacht, when he leaves,


Starting counselling over the next few days, scary prospect but about time I faced up to this!


Best of luck with it Witty.


Best of luck Chief :+1:


Fair play man , just had a session this evening myself . If ya need a chat or anything PM me !


Good luck with it lads!


Don’t be skured Witty. Keep being scared for spiders, parallel parking, pickles in cheese burgers and tampon shopping. There’s nowt to fear from getting shit off your chest. You’ll feel like a great weight has lifted.


Take it slowly, and don’t be afraid to stop and wait til you feel more ready if necessary, or if you want to try a different counsellor. Give it a chance obviously. Don’t get to like it too much!


Thanks for the words of advice and support!


Best of luck with it @something_witty, I am now 4 weeks into group therapy and while it’s a slow burner, I can see come of the benefits already.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need somebody to talk to.


Few weeks on, few doctors appointments later, been put on meds, counselling hasn’t worked for me really, don’t like it, will search for another counsellor. Been referred to a consultant psychiatrist. I’m exhausted and this is tough as hell, but I’m trying :muscle: