Hope you find a good way forward pal.



Fair play to Kenny Egan.


Unreal stuff here from Shane Stapleton with Niall Donoghues family.

And an article here from RTE



Off The Ball regularly produce contrived shite, but this is top notch Journalism in fairness.
Heartbreaking stuff, especially listening to the father Francie


They had an interview on sat with Karen Leech a former swimmer who was a victim of the abuser Derry O Rourke. It was heartbreaking listening to her but she has rose from a pit of despair to being an educator about child abuse and to ensure it’s an issue that is not left off the agenda for any organization that provides any type of service for kids. Credit where credit is due to the OTB crew.



Knowing the symptoms is the first step to recovery, this tweet puts it succinctly.


Will give the podcast a listen over the next few days.

An update on my situation is that I have been in group therapy for almost 12 months and it’s made a massive difference to my self esteem and general mental health. The biggest difference though has been walking away from accountancy (may be short term or may be permanent) and I’ve been driving a taxi since June last year. It’s been a brilliant experience combining three things that I enjoy (driving, the brilliance of our city and chatting to a diverse spread of people) and it’s something that I thought I would only do short term.

As has been iterated previously through this thread, anyone who needs help shouldn’t be held back by a stigma that is gradually becoming less and less. Remember that a problem shared is a problem halved.


Great to hear ! Did you ever do one on one therapy ?
I’d say group was daunting in the beginning.


Good man DCR!


Started off with one on one for 3 months then graduated to group. I have to be honest in saying that while group can be daunting for others, I was more curious as to how it would work rather than nervous.


Yeah I’d well imagine . I’d say it helps to hear other people’s stories .


Great stuff mate. If the work is putting pressure on your mental health walk away and never look back. Yes the money might be less in driving the taxi but you’ll be a much wealthier person. Your health is your wealth.


Spending more quality time with my wife and 3 year old boy means more to me than any money and to be honest, damn good money can be made in taxi driving once my insurance (currently €7k per annum) comes down over the next few years.


Glad yo hear it DCR. I’m sure taxi’ing has its own challenges but sometimes I wonder is it worth being stuck behind a desk.


It has its challenges alright but being self employed, the solutions are in your control for the most part so it makes it that bit easier.


Absolutely delighted for you Dcr. ! :+1:


What are the best hours for making money? Do you avoid certain pubs/clubs come chucking out time?
Do you know your Killarneys from your Killineys?