Imagine how many kids have been swayed to take up football after the '11 win . And then all the wins after . Yes , dynasty’s don’t last forever . But I think the recruitment began a few years ago for future players .


Same in this county…while we have not landed the big one, and as someone who has been involved in coaching, the desire to one day play for Mayo among the youngsters is palpable.

The theory that Mayo will fall off a cliff and end up like Cavan (as some are predicting) won’t happen in my opinion.

Dublin will of course continue to win All Ireland’s but it won’t be every year. If it is…well then the calls to split ye in two will grow louder :wink:


As we all know there is no convincing some people that Dublin’s success is not just down to population and wealth, that is why when I argue with folk from the likes of Kildare or meath, I always ask them to forget about us and tell me why they can’t compete with Mayo, but in general they simply ignore the question.


That’s the real question…why Meath and Kildare can’t compete with big populations and they are also wealthy counties.
Cork football is another mystery. Maybe the real crazy desire isn’t there to crawl back up?


Not saying it is Cork’s case, but I think that Meath and Kildare just seem to have focussed all their attention on Dublin and as much as they complain about our wealth and population, they use it as a shield to hide behind and kind of console themselves rather than getting their act together. it is a bit like they are saying " We don’t have to do anything, because there is nothing we can do against the powerful Dubs" but at the same time they have turned a blind eye to the fact that they are been left behind, not just by us but but quite a few other counties in far less favourable conditions than themselves…


They both also have pretty awful county grounds. No excuse for that either.