Dublin elections

No so sure carbon tax increase, water charges, increase bin charges and increased motor tax, these are all green party policies. The public votes with its pocket. That’s why we had Bertie for years.


You are assuming that the Greens want to commit political suicide! I think the Greens will be aiming to spearhead a new type of politics, a green-socialism by making the rich pay. They make the massive profits. Their own behaviour needs to change the most. People need to start voting with their feet. Go to local shops who use less plastic etc. Put the pressure back on the producers.

When people have to start paying for the policies of the Green party their heads will be turned, looking forward to seeing how the one day a month “No car day” works out in Dublin. The train taking people in from Donabate, Balbriggan, Lusk, Skerries etc is here…

Who doesn’t want better quality air, who doesn’t want a safer, cleaner world?

Who is prepared to pay that price?

The Greens did REALLY well and the Greens will do what the Greens ONLY know how to do and that is get a token seat or two at cabinet at the next election and do their masters bidding.

In the Drimnagh / Ballyfermot area in Dublin a massive 64% of people didn’t vote!

Umpire, we will see what happens! I sense that the environment may well become a very political issue. If the masses ever arise, you might be surprised! You assume that people will say no to carbon tax and therefore not vote green in a general election. I suggest that the greens will say that the owners of production, including big pharma, I.T. etc will have to pay huge taxes, across Europe. This will be popular!

I agree, and it will be popular…BUT…Both FF and FG (Whichever one they end up in Government with) have lots and lots of dodgy friends in the Pharma and Oil game and the Greens will either be whipped into line or kicked to touch.

You only have to look at the number of times in the last year that Fianna Fail refused to support bills / legislation because they dipped into their partners Fine Gael pockets.

Finance bills are TOTALLY decided by the big boys and without finance related bills you change nothing.

All first counts in Dublin complete.

SF on 9.2% which is two points lower than exit poll so Boylan is gone.

Looking at rest of country, all strong SF areas apart from Donegal have first counts and they are on 9.7%. That will head south and on that basis both Carthy and ní Riadh are toast as well.

If that’s true surely Mary Lou will have to go. That’s beyond a disaster.


Very easy to vote for Greens in Europe and locals when they can do feck all.

Whichever of FG and FF win the next general election, they’ll be praying the Greens are strong enough to be their coalition partner, so they can ‘allow’ them introduce carbon tax and other such initiatives.

The looney left of SF, PBP, etc. have already said they’re be massive protests if carbon tax comes in. Full employment is a disaster for them, reduces their voters base, so they’ll want policies to drive out multi nationals and entrepreneurs.

In Dublin euros, Boylan has been done by the double whammy of Green Wave and Daly running. They misjudged and didn’t do enough. If the SF heartlands had bothered voting, all 3 could have got in. Turnout in certain parts of Dublin was just horrendous.


To be known from this day forth as Mary Lou-ser

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Pearse Doherty should have been selected in the first place.

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Fifteen minutes to go and donegal are playing keep ball with a two point lead. Fucking sickening.

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they were to have a full tally in Dublin hours ago but no sign as yet.

Exit poll over-estimated Greens as well. Got 5.8% in locals, not 9%. So be interesting to see if Euros are likewise different. Won’t affect Cuffe but might have impact on counts in the two other euro constituencies.

Dublin, unless info is completely awry, looks like Cuffe, Fitzgerald, Andrews and Daly.

City council will be interesting with the Labour Party shamelessly trying to pimp themselves into a “progressive alliance” with the Greens. Not sure of overall state of council, but think they would need SDs or Shinners or the ultra left, or some combination of, to make up such a dog’s dinner.

We’ll all be on rusty bicycles paying a carbon tax and fines for any time our dog farts :wink:

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You never replied to being caught out with fake news. We are waiting?

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Should have read “owned” rather than “owns.” I assume he has moved into something ethical since.

Point stands. He is a hypocrite. Making money out of oil companies at the same time he was a Minister preaching at the rest of us to take a cut in living standards on the basis of “climate change.”

What seriously are the Greens or anyone else going to do about the fact that earth like all planets is destined to end at some stage?

Only plausible way of slowing that down if you believe all the stuff they spout would be to reduce advanced societies to zero growth subsistence peasant economies, without farting cows.

Just another scam to get power like socialism and fascism and all the other isms. Good luck to them. it worked this weekend for Greens across Europe it seems.

Didn’t realise he was a minister in 2003 or is that another lie?

Jesus, still going with the fake news. He inherited them from his mother and got rid of them years ago. He was never profiting off oil company’s ffs.

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Straight from the count at RDS:

Cuffe unlikely to make quota on first count but will top the poll.

Boylan below even the SF local tally so seats as predicted above.

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It baffles me that people in Dublin would vote FF, i expect it from culchies who love corruption and dodgy dealing polititions. The greens took the protest vote from SF, that went to Labour 10 years ago. It seems to be an ever moving vote and SF fell back to their core. A decent day for labour and bad for the parties of the left. Atleast Casey/ Irexit and extreme right got a kicking. As i said in 2002 you get what you vote for and i see this election as marking the return to rewarding bad governance and auction politics.

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