Dublin Football U17s 2019

Who’s the other one to look out for?

Yes, Murray on both panels, didn’t make the 24 tonight.

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@Bart Tell him nothing.

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Must have a knock to not make the match day panel.


Swan had a disappointing campaign with Dublin Colleges , his card was marked early on , that said he was playing against lads some two years older and he struggled to get on top physical wise as he is very good at in his own age group, I’d say after last years exploits he’s a marked man in hurling if the Colleges was anything to go by

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Fúcking disgusting, was it directed at a Meath player? I know it is wrong but I would have probably attacked him for that sh1t.

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Maybe he’s injured.

No, he will line out for the hurlers on Saturday.

Murray I would have thought would easily be best 24 in Dublin, seems strange if no injury.

Game could have gone either way, Meath had some nice forwards especially Finnerty kid from Skryne. Swan made a massive difference. It’s not just his size, kid marking him was huge too, but his athleticism and skill. Definitely fouled for a penalty too.

As someone said Forker, wearing 6 but playing midfield put in a ferocious shift. Thought the free man Lundy from BSJ was good. Both teams turned over a lot of ball but some of these youngsters are still only 15 possibly , so I’d say a lot of nerves. Great crowd and atmosphere and hard to feel you didn’t get value for money when there was a very decent score put up in an hour of football.

Paul Currans fella came on as a sub.


Paul Currans fella came on as a sub.

I really love seeing former great players kids being involved. This young lad has bigger shoes to fill that most kids do. I wish him and all the young lads well.


It’s something that Dublin weren’t traditionally strong at, in my opinion - offspring of great players from years ago becoming big stars. But now we have had the Brogans, Deano, Jack… and I think it will continue. Hopefully it does.

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Peter Ward played for Tom Carr in late 90s. His kid is a panellist and underage next year, lovely footballer . Agree it’s great seeing sons of former players involved and good luck to them. And even if none of them go any further, to represent your county as a minor is a great achievement .

All-Ireland club medallist in '95, wasn’t he?

Yeah, was a great player.

How old is he now? (Not his son!!!)


Jaysus… didn’t think he was that old.

Late 40s maybe, dunno, was a great bit of stuff anyway once upon a time.

See Tom Brennan from NaF came on. Seriously good player, another Dual player.

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